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aircraft landing

n. landing an aircraft [syn: airplane landing]

Usage examples of "aircraft landing".

The computers, however, do not control the reverse thrusters, so that an aircraft landing on autopilot needs more runway than it normally would—.

She was just a dim gray shape, with aircraft landing on the flat deck.

Before they cast off, they stowed and tied down ten reserve air tanks, extra air bottles to reinflate the Hovercraft, a battery of lights including two aircraft landing lights built into waterproof housings, spare batteries, first aid equipment, and three additional breathing regulators.

He looked up at the noise and saw another aircraft landing on the approach road.

Pitt finds aircraft landing gear and an oxygen bottle in Smith's garage.

Pitt finds aircraft landing gear and an oxygenbottle in Smith's garage.

As Zade began speaking again I heard an aircraft landing but couldn't see it because the main runway was at right angles behind the tail of the Boeing.

The aircraft landing must have been hair-raising, yet he seemed as if he were coming off a game of tennis.

Through binoculars, Lyons watched aircraft landing at the battalion's airfield.

We had turned off near the reservoirs to watch the aircraft landing.