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ADETTI (Associação para o Desenvolvimento das Telecomunicações e Técnicas de Informática) is a non-profit research institution in Portugal.

It was created in 1989, aiming at the development of Information and Communication Technologies, contributing to the advance of knowledge and science and the enhancement of quality in management, marketing and in Business Competitiveness.

ADETTI is structured by organizational units called Research Lines, which have well defined research and development objectives.

In ADETTI, several lecturers and professors of the Information Sciences and Technologies Department, of the Department of Marketing and of the Department of Management Sciences of ISCTE - Instituto Superior das Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa a public Business, Social and Technological Sciences University Institute in Lisbon, develop their Research activities.

13 PhD, 11 MSc and 6 MBA are presently involved in research and development tasks at ADETTI, as well as growing number of research staff, Post-doc, PhD and MSc students, totalling more than eighty persons. A large number of undergraduate students of Computing and Engineering, are also participating in ADETTI projects in the scope of their final work for graduation.

The activities of ADETTI span the range of research and development in the framework of national and European-funded R&D programmes, with an active role in the transfer of research results into the Portuguese and European Markets and in the support to the creation of "start-ups" of technological foundation.

In the national context, ADETTI is a research unit of the national programme of R&D funding, under the umbrella of the Science and Technology Foundation ( FCT) and, in the European arena, ADETTI has been participating in the various Framework Programmes that have been supporting the European Research space, since 1990, namely, RACE II, ESPRIT IV, ACTS, TEN-IBC, TELEMATICS, FP5 IST, FP5 Growth, FP6 IST as well as the INTERREG Regional framework programme.

As a landmark for the active role of ADETTI's participation in the European R&D Research support programmes, during the FP5 programme (1998–2002), the European ADETTI funding effort reached 3 million Euro and was ranked the second Portuguese Academic R&D institution in the FP5 IST programme (after INESC Porto) and the third in the ranking of all the Portuguese institutions participating in that programme (after Portugal Telecom Inovação and INESC Porto).