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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a first/undergraduate degree (=the lowest level of degree)
▪ First degrees usually take three or four years.
an undergraduate student (=one who is studying for a first degree)
▪ Most undergraduate students rely on student loans for finance.
the undergraduate curriculum (=for a first degree at university or college)
▪ The loans, which are based on financial need, are limited to $3000 for undergraduates.
▪ They met when they were undergraduates at Cambridge.
▪ As an undergraduate he was something of a dandy, and even as a priest his appearance was remarkably trim.
▪ In October 1922 he was still a bright and energetic undergraduate with enthusiasms for Dryden and Carlyle.
▪ In one year alone she was overseeing twelve undergraduates, of whom eleven emerged with first-class degrees.
▪ It grew out of the teaching of stylistics to undergraduates at Lancaster, which and I have shared for several years.
▪ Now that facilities will be freely available and not the subject of constant negotiation we hope that even more undergraduates will participate.
▪ Now there are 3, 000 graduate students as well as 11, 500 undergraduates.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Undergraduate \Un`der*grad"u*ate\, n. A member of a university or a college who has not taken his first degree; a student in any school who has not completed his course. Contrasted with graduate student.


Undergraduate \Un`der*grad"u*ate\, a. Of or pertaining to an undergraduate, or the body of undergraduates.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1620s, a hybrid formed from under + graduate (n.). British used fem. form undergraduette in 1920s-30s. As an adjective, in the school sense, from 1680s.


a. Of, relating to, or being an undergraduate. n. A student at a university who has not yet received a degree.


n. a university student who has not yet received a first degree [syn: undergrad]

Usage examples of "undergraduate".

A coffee-shop cluttered with percolators and the more intricate jugs that undergraduates still evidently cultivated.

Ressler, rising science star, split, flapped, and pinned out like a cat in undergraduate anatomy.

Born in March 1952 and educated at Pates Grammar School for Girls in Cheltenham, she was a twenty-one-year-old third-year undergraduate at the University of Exeter, studying medieval history and English, when she encountered Frederick West.

Part of the evidence for this is that Frederick West remembered it was snowing on the night that he and the twenty-one-year-old undergraduate had their row in Pittville Park, whereas in fact snow did not fall in Cheltenham until three days later.

Richard Haines had put in three years of mediocre undergraduate work at Georgetown University before he had been recruited for the Bureau.

The man had loathed De Haus since he had been a hard-working undergraduate.

Hayes and the postmistress, his girl was an undergraduate, here in Kinnikinick, and according to college regulations, and possibly the Bible and the State Constitution of Iowa, if they were married, she would have to drop out of college and less agile minds might even hint that there had been goings-on inconceivable in a rhetoric professor.

And, of course, do a beautiful snow-job on uninitiated undergraduates and the nonacademic community.

A certified graphoanalyst, or handwriting expert, for twenty-five years, Samas, who is also a psychotherapist, had completed undergraduate and graduate studies at Columbia University and once served as the president of the New York chapter of the International Graphoanalysis Society.

Besides parodying Simeonite tracts, Butler wrote various other papers during his undergraduate days, some of which, preserved by one of his contemporaries, who remained a lifelong friend, the Rev.

System as the embodiment of soullessness, and, insofar as he had ever been known to show emotion or feeling before any undergraduate, he seemed to glory in his repute of being the most pitilessly rigid disciplinarian that Earth had ever known.

She had finished Duke undergraduate summa cum laude, and she received one of the loudest, cheeriest ovations in the history of the ceremony.

THE CAP AND GOWN One of the burning questions now in the colleges for the higher education of women is whether the undergraduates shall wear the cap and gown.

There are no shortcuts to gaining an undergraduate and graduate education in the neurosciences, and the development of technologies that have advanced this field has been made only with long, hard work.

On the evening of his visit with Double-O Sanders, two undergraduates had been dancing in the patio of the Bombay Royale Hotel.