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Word usage examples

The only sauces are the sauce au poivre on the steak and a bearnaise for the grilled salmon.

French artillery, and the general assault, in spite of its carnage, produced no greater gain for the Germans than a ravine on the edge of the Poivre hill.

Sel et Poivre, having gleaned nothing but a couple of pairs of shoes and some jewelry.

A single rose in a crystal vase was surrounded by the remains of shrimp cocktail, steak au poivre, pommes frites, and zucchini squash.

Dopo la zuppa allo cherry e la millefeuille di gamberetti, fu la volta della langouste au poivre con asparagi.

The chef bustled out of sight, clucking under her breath like I'd demanded steak au poivre.

It mixed Georgian and Tudor styles as if the architect hadn't been able to decide between the two, or perhaps thought he was taking the best of both, like a chef making a single dish combining his excellent steak au poivre with his stunning tiramisu.

I've never shaken off the tastes of my childhood, and still prefer the Griffin's pie, beans and chips to the Albany's five-star steak au poivre with fennel, asparagus, courgettes and new potatoes.

A mosquito bite, a cut, or the slightest abrasion, serves for lodgment of the poison with which the air seems to be filled.

It appears from these several facts that digitaline causes inflection, and poisons the glands which absorb a moderately large amount.