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n. 1 (plural of point English) 2 (context rail transport British English) Movable rails which can be used to switch a train from one railway track to another. 3 (context automotive English) The two metal surfaces in a distributor which close or open to allow current to flow or not through the ignition coil. Each surface is called a point singular (there's usually a moving point which is pushed by the distributor cam and a fixed point which isn't), but they're made together in a unit and serviced or replaced that way and are hence normally called points plural. vb. (en-third-person singular of: point)

Points (Matthew Shipp album)

Points is an album by American jazz pianist Matthew Shipp recorded in 1990 and released on the Swedish Silkheart label.

Usage examples of "points".

There were four petals, with points resting on the ground, each six feet long, ivory-white inside, exquisitely patterned with glittering silver veins.

The shouting ceased and the menacing points were lowered as a thousand eyes turned first toward Thuvan Dihn in surprise and then toward Kulan Tith in question.

And although these different varieties of the Deeper Order certainly disagree with each other at many points, they all agree on this: the universe is not what it appears.

As to the points of the compass, the engineer had roughly fixed them by the height and position of the sun, which placed Union Bay and Prospect Heights to the east.

Habermas points out that in communication, for example, the presumption of identical meaning must be made or else the communication does not, and cannot, get started in the first place: and that stops the slide.

This principle also points up the utter bankruptcy of pure heterarchy.

Christ consciousness in each and all, which, like all omega points, is maintained to be the purpose of history and evolution itself.

And precisely because the biosphere is a component part of the noosphere, the destruction of the biosphere guarantees the destruction of the noosphereand that is one of the points we will be returning to throughout this volume.

Up from Eden, he misses the first three essential points and instead argues about dates, an argument that, where it is not simply wrong, is irrelevant, because I had already readjusted them in Eye to eye and Transformations.

And, in fact, many tribes, as Lenski points out, simply remained at one location until they had ecologically depleted the area, and then were forced to move on.

Whether one is a Freudian or not, this is still the most accurate and succinct summary of all forms of uncovering psychotherapy, and it simply points to an expansion of ego, an expansion of I-ness, into a higher and wider identity that integrates previously alienated processes.

Kosmic consciousness of nature-nation mysticism, there are two points I would like to emphasize.

But this does not, she points out, mean that they cannot be communicated, and indeed confirmed, to and with those who have also had similar experiences.

Taylor points out, substantive and dialectical and dialogical, not merely instrumental and procedural and monological.

And if we must speak about it, then we must include at the least the following three points, not because these points actually describe Reality, but because they act as a curb and restraint to our always-inadequate theorizing.