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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The dog has short pointy ears.
▪ He had shoulder-length, gleaming black ringlets of hair, a pointy beard, and wore a tailcoat.
▪ He was so pointy that I feared he would leave his wooden perch and anoint my head with his beak.
▪ I loved the pointy beard and razor-sharp eyes, the pearl earring fixed in his left lobe.
▪ I was a girl who liked my mountains pointy, so I foolishly and ignorantly snubbed the Cairngorms.
▪ In the Southwest, I figured that when the plants started looking too pointy I was heading into the desert.
▪ The devil riding my back dug his hard pointy heels into my flesh, but I stayed my ground.
▪ The light seemed to stab at me with some sort of pointy object.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from point (n.) + -y (2). Insult pointy-head for one deemed overly intellectual, attested by 1971, was popularized, if not coined, by U.S. politician George Wallace in his 1972 presidential run.


a. (context informal English) pointed in shape, having a point or points n. (context informal English) Any pointed object.

Usage examples of "pointy".

Level flew with her head bent so far down as to be almost level with the stick, thus getting the maximum aerodynamic advantage from the pointy hat.

They were rather sad, cheap ones - bunny rabbits with mad grins, pottery deer with big eyes, gnomes with pointy red hats and expressions that suggested they were on bad medication.

Miss Level, wearing her pointy hat, had only to turn up at a cottage for other people to suddenly come visiting, by sheer accident.

He grabbed a pink pointy ear in each hand and aimed his head at what turned out be quite a hard pottery nose.

The trees beside the track were less bushy and more pointy or, if Tiffany had known more about trees, she would have said that the oaks were giving way to evergreens.

This was a mark of respect, but it did mean that a two-foot, sharp, pointy thing was being aimed at them.

It was no place to search for an old woman in black with a pointy hat.

In my human mouth I have the pointy teeth of a wolf and the chisel teeth of a rabbit and the grinding teeth of a cow!

A broomstick leaned against the wall in one corner, next to something mysterious and pointy, under a cloth.

It turned out to be a big wooden spike, just about the size of a pointy hat on a tall stand.

Miliana Mannicci, bespectacled princess of Sumbria, tilted her pointy hat down across her eyes and faced the world with a predatory sigh.

Wheezing and gasping, Miliana Mannicci hurled open her shutters and coughed herself half to death, dragging off her pointy hat and fanning it back and forth across her eyes.

Frilly pants, gown, and pointy hat all ended up in an untidy heap on the floor, leaving Miliana naked but for a kiss of fine brown freckles.

The girl readjusted her pointy hat and scowled down at the debris in scorn.

Miliana stood to survey the damage, fists on her hips and her pointy hat tilted far back from her brows, while behind her Lorenzo and Tekoriikii deepened their acquaintance.