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Poiana may refer to:

  • Poiana (genus), commonly known as oyans or African linsangs, a genus of the mammalian family Viverridae
    • African linsang (Poiana richardsonii), a species of linsang
    • Leighton's linsang (Poiana leightoni), a former subspecies of the African linsang
  • Poiana (brand), a brand of food in Romania owned by Kraft Foods
  • The Romanian word for glade and the Italian word for buzzard. It comes from Slavic polje (field).
Poiana (genus)

The African linsangs also known as oyans are two species classified in the mammalian subfamily Viverrinae, in the family Viverridae. There is one genus, Poiana.

Both linsang genera (Poiana and the Asian Prionodon) were formerly placed in the subfamily Viverrinae (of Viverridae), along with several other genera, but recent research suggests that their actual relationships may be somewhat different. The linsangs are remarkable for their morphological resemblance to cats, family Felidae, which is greater than in the other viverrids. As the relationship between linsangs and cats was thought to be rather distant (the two groups belonging to different families within the superfamily Feliformia), this was considered an example of convergent evolution. However, DNA analysis indicates that while the African linsangs (Poiana) are true viverrids closely related to the genets, the Asiatic linsangs (Prionodon) are not and may instead be the closest living relatives of the family Felidae. The similarities between Asiatic linsangs and cats are thus more likely to be due to common ancestry, while the similarities between the two genera of linsangs must be convergent.

The name linsang is from Javaneselinsang or wlinsang, which used to be wrongly translated as " otter" in English dictionaries. Linsangs are nocturnal, generally solitary tree dwellers. They are carnivorous, eating squirrels and other rodents, small birds, lizards and insects. Typical size is a little over 30 cm (1 foot), with a tail that more than doubles that length. Bodies are long, with short legs, giving a low appearance. Both species have yellowish bodies with black markings (stripes, blotches and spots), though the distribution and nature of the markings varies between the two species.

The species of African linsangs are:

  • Poiana leightoni - Leighton's linsang
  • Poiana richardsonii - African linsang
Poiana (chocolate)

Poiana is a Romanian chocolate brand owned by Mondelēz International. The brand originates from a chocolate company that was based in Brașov. In 1994 this company then known as "Poiana – Produse Zaharoase S.A" was bought by Kraft Foods. In 2009 Kraft Foods closed production in Brașov and consolidated production in another unit outside Romania, with the loss of 440 jobs.