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Pointr is a startup company based in London who do indoor positioning and navigation utilising iBeacons, which are Bluetooth Low Energy devices formalised by Apple Inc. Pointr have created a GPS-like experience with true position and turn-by-turn navigation that is supported by most modern smartphones operating on both Android and iOS. Analytics and messaging modules can be added on to help communicate with users and understand venue usage respectively.

The features are provided through a software package ( SDK) which aims to improve user experience whilst connecting the online and offline worlds. Many of the features are available without an internet connection, including sending messages between users with a form of Mesh networking, however for intelligent offers and live analytics then an internet connection is required. The markets where the technology is most frequently used are retail, exhibition centres, airports and museums, but there are a number of uses in hospitals, warehouses, offices and entertainment venues as well. The majority of software development is done in their office in Istanbul, with specialist modules created in London. The technology is commonly used in permanent installations where the SDK is offered with a license fee model, however some installations have been temporary and hence one-off payments have been used.