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pleabargain pleadguilty pleasantdey pleasantest pleasantish pleasauntly please-time pleasebesea pleasedasch pleasedness pleasedwith pleasereply pleasington pleasurable pleasurably pleasurance pleasureful pleasureman pleasurists plebeiances plebeianism plebeianize plebicolist plebiscites plebiscitum pleckhausen plecopteran plecopterid plecostomus plectoceras plectocomia plectodonta plectognath plectolites plectomyces plectonemic plectoneura plectophera plectophila plectoptera plectostele plectreurid plectreurys plectridial plectridium plectropoda plectrypops pledgedrive pledgedrove pledgemoney pledgemusic plegapteryx pleimelding pleinairism pleinairist pleine-seve pleiogynium pleiohippus pleiomorpha pleiomorphy pleiophylly pleioptygma pleiosaurus pleiospilos pleiotrophy pleiotropic pleissenaue pleisthenes pleistoanax pleistocene plemyristis plenariness pleni-power plenilunary plenilunium plenipotent plenishings plenishment plenisphere plenitudine plenorderly plenteously plenteouste plentethnes plentifully plentitudes plentymoore plentytoeat pleocarphus pleochroism pleochroous pleocyemata pleocytosis pleodendron pleomeliola pleomorphic pleophagous pleopsidium pleoscutula pleqerishte plerergates plesiadapid plesiadapis plesiastrea plesiobaena plesiobasis plesioberyx plesiocetus plesiopedal plesiophyle plesiosauri plesiosaurs plesiosejus plesiothele plessenburg plessigraph plessimeter plethobasus plethodidae plethoretic plethorical plethorodon plettenberg pleugriffet pleugueneuc pleuracanth pleuralgias pleurangium pleurastrum pleurinodus pleuritical pleuritides pleurobelus pleurocapsa pleurocarpi pleurocarps pleuroceras pleurocerid pleurocidin pleurodeles pleuroderes pleurodeses pleurodesis pleurodiran pleurodires pleurodonta pleurodonte pleurodonts pleurodynia pleurogenic pleurolopha pleuromenus pleuromeris pleuromnema pleuronodes pleuropedal pleuroploca pleuropogon pleuroptera pleurosicya pleurosigma pleurosorus pleurosteal pleurosteon pleurostict pleurostoma pleurotinae pleurotomae pleurotomas pleurotomid plexaurella plexauridae pleximeters pleximetric plexiphleps plexippinae plextronics

Word usage examples

The dagger point drifted to the south of the map, stopping a bit north of the border of Mide, just southwest of a couple of largish extenuated lakes in which the artist had long-necked creatures that resembled plesiosaurs frolicking and chasing after silvery-scaled fishes.

These little primates were plesiadapids: all but identical to Purga, even though she had died more than fourteen million years before.

The pleomorphic helico virus had as its vector a species of arthropoda, a tick, which transferred itself readily from phagor to human.

The pleomorphic helico virus had as its vector a species of arthropoda, a tick, which transferred itself readily from phagor to human.

I spoke of the fertility of the earth there, of the rich ruins to be stripped, of the thick forests, the abundance of clear water, the sad, huddled, all but helpless knots of survivors, the plentitudes of wild and feral beasts to be eaten and skinned or captured and retamed to the uses of man.

If you ask, for instance, Asplenium viride how it contrives to grow plentifully in the Craven of Yorkshire down to 600 or 800 feet above the sea, while in Snowdon it dislikes growing lower than 2000 feet, and is not plentiful even there?

The Germans have an almost superstitious belief in the medicinal virtues of Aniseed, and all their ordinary household bread is plentifully flavoured with the whole seeds.

He had a nasty moment or two as the machine bumped over the snow-covered tussocks and molehills with which the pasture was plentifully besprinkled, but kicking on right rudder just before the Camel ran to a standstill he managed to swerve so that it stopped not far from the low hedge which divided the field from the paddock.

Her face was lined, her hair of a deep brown plentifully besprinkled with grey.

I keep in health by eating plentifully of herbs sage, rue, tansy, marjoram, southernwood, lemon-balm, mint, fennel and parsley.