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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plentiful \Plen"ti*ful\, a.

  1. Containing plenty; copious; abundant; ample; as, a plentiful harvest; a plentiful supply of water.

  2. Yielding abundance; prolific; fruitful.

    If it be a long winter, it is commonly a more plentiful year.

  3. Lavish; profuse; prodigal. [Obs.]

    He that is plentiful in expenses will hardly be preserved from
    --Bacon. [1913 Webster] -- Plen"ti*ful*ly, adv. -- Plen"ti*ful*ness, n.


adv. in a plentiful manner


adv. in a bountiful manner [syn: bountifully, bounteously, plenteously]

Usage examples of "plentifully".

If you ask, for instance, Asplenium viride how it contrives to grow plentifully in the Craven of Yorkshire down to 600 or 800 feet above the sea, while in Snowdon it dislikes growing lower than 2000 feet, and is not plentiful even there?

The Germans have an almost superstitious belief in the medicinal virtues of Aniseed, and all their ordinary household bread is plentifully flavoured with the whole seeds.

He had a nasty moment or two as the machine bumped over the snow-covered tussocks and molehills with which the pasture was plentifully besprinkled, but kicking on right rudder just before the Camel ran to a standstill he managed to swerve so that it stopped not far from the low hedge which divided the field from the paddock.

Her face was lined, her hair of a deep brown plentifully besprinkled with grey.

I keep in health by eating plentifully of herbs sage, rue, tansy, marjoram, southernwood, lemon-balm, mint, fennel and parsley.

He became an exciting mystery to a knot of us imaginative young cubs, who sorted up out of the reminiscential rag-bag of high colors and strong contrasts with which the sensational literature that we most affected had plentifully stored our minds, a half-dozen intensely emotional careers for him.

In this fruitful and pleasant country, the Romans were plentifully supplied with water and forage: and several forts, which might have embarrassed the motions of the army, submitted, after some resistance, to the efforts of their valor.

The same process of settling plentifully goes on wherever the rocks are still in an uncemented state.

The villages on either side of the Meyn, which were plentifully stored with corn and cattle, felt the ravages of an invading army.

She had gone yesterday afternoon from Oakwood, where she was living now, upward along the Woodbach, to the place where the berries grew the most plentifully, as she knew these many years that she had sought and sold them in the taverns of Upper and Lower Wood.

They ate plentifully, lolled on the grass, and looked at some hideous trophies, the scalps that they carried at their belts.

These nebulæ, as far as appearance goes, might be likened to rail fences, or thin hedges, against which the wind is driving drifts of powdery snow, which, while scattered plentifully all around, tends to bank itself on the leeward side of the obstruction.

He never went near his own house, for, from some unknown reason, plentifully aimed at in the dark by the neighbours, he had such a dislike to his mother that he could not bear to hear the name of mother, or even the slightest allusion to the relationship.

Number one would not go on, so she had to try on a second, and the result was that I besprinkled her plentifully.

The Raiders were plentifully provided with the usual weapons of their class--slung-shots and brass-knuckles.