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Pleurodonta (from Greek lateral teeth, in reference to the position of the teeth on the jaw) is one of the two subdivisions of Iguania, the other being Acrodonta ( teeth on the top [of the jaw]). Pleurodonta includes all families previously split from Iguanidae sensu lato ( Corytophanidae, Crotaphytidae, Hoplocercidae, Opluridae, Polychrotidae, etc.), whereas Acrodonta includes Agamidae and Chamaeleonidae. The name Pleurodonta was first used by paleontologist and herpetologist Edward Drinker Cope in 1864, although he used it in a different sense than it is used today. Because of this difference, the name Iguanoidea has been proposed as a replacement for Pleurodonta in phylogenetic nomenclature.

Pleurodonta is also a synonym of gastropod genus Pleurodonte.