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a. (en-superlative of: pleasant) The ''most pleasant.''

Usage examples of "pleasantest".

I remember once hearing a man in a Government office say that the pleasantest moment of his annual holiday was when his train rolled back into Paddington Station.

Having rebutted Edwina, squelched her in the pleasantest way, Daisy gave her half sister a warm smile.

But the land itself is the pleasantest in Prydain--- fair hills and dales, rich soil to farm, and sweet grass for grazing.

How they come, wearing for ever the sweetest and pleasantest look of their earthly days.

I have always found my pleasantest companions among the dead rather than the living.

Ben meekly followed the good woman, who put on her pleasantest smile, anxious to make the best possible impression.

My old readers have come forward in the pleasantest possible way and assured me that they were glad to see me again.

Charley was the first to offer, with that spirit of generous self-sacrifice that was one of his pleasantest traits when a boy.

Should Providence, for some inscrutable reason, vouchsafe me the years of Methuselah, one of the pleasantest recollections that will abide with me to the close of the nine hundredth and sixty-ninth year, will be of that delightful odor of cooking food which regaled our senses as we came back.

One of the pleasantest and most invigorating exercises one can contrive is to run and jump across the Humboldt river till he is overheated, and then drink it dry.

He was on the pleasantest terms with the young poet, and being somewhat older, and having had the advantage of academic and college culture, often gave him useful hints as to the cultivation of his powers, such as genius frequently requires at the hands of humbler intelligences.