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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pleasurable \Pleas"ur*a*ble\, a. Capable of affording pleasure or satisfaction; gratifying; abounding in pleasantness or pleasantry.

Planting of orchards is very . . . pleasurable.

O, sir, you are very pleasurable.
--B. Jonson. [1913 Webster] -- Pleas"ur*a*ble*ness, n. -- Pleas"ur*a*bly, adv.


adv. In a pleasurable manner.


adv. in a very pleasurable manner; "they were walking along the beach slowly and deliciously" [syn: deliciously]

Usage examples of "pleasurably".

Tyler felt the rough material of his jeans brushing against her bare legs, pleasurably scratchy, and wondered vaguely if the ruana had ridden up to her waist the way it felt as if it had.

It looks at how we acquire the knowledge that lets us productively and pleasurably navigate malls that offer few explicit directions.

Martha heard the swallowing and grinned knowingly at me and winked, and then I squirted more, a powerful effusion of hot new cream, and Ronnie sighed pleasurably through her nose and gulped, and after several squirts I slumped, gasping and huffing, gritting my teeth while Ronnie finished me off.

Unbelievably sensitized by all his fondling, she felt everything more intensely, more keenly, more pleasurably, and her orgasm broke over her like the tide, radiating long and slow from deep in her womb until it cracked all over his pistonlike thrusts and brought him home.

She was about to say so when Pegeen leaned luxuriously back, arching her neck pleasurably, and lowered the lighted end of the upended torch into her eagerly waiting mouth, plunging it half-way down to her stomach, it seemed to Maggie, who was too stunned to comment.

From the dark, silent heart of the Mountain itself, Myk brought Gyld, the green-winged dragon, whose mind, dreaming for centuries over the cold fire of gold, woke sleepily, pleasurably, to the sound of its name in the half-forgotten song Myk sent crooning into the darkness.

The thought of it filled with hot water and laced with drops of fragrant rose oil made goosebumps course pleasurably over her skin.