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delacerate delakverdi delaminate delaneyand delanovite delapidate delaplaine delapsions delassable delatinize delatorian delatynite delawarean delawarian delayanegg delaydaley delayering delayingly delayments delectable delectably delectated delectible delectuses delegacies delegalize delegatees delegating delegation delegative delegators delegatory delegatura delegyhaza delentaria deleobuvir delesseria deleterial deleteries deletories deleveling deleverage delevingne delfanabad delfshaven delftwares delgadella delgadillo delgasyaya delgerkhet delgovicia delhibelly delhiwraps delianuova delibation deliberant deliberate delibleink delibrated delicacies delicately delicatest delicative delicatude delicatula deliciated deliciates delicious! deliensite deligating deligation deligature delighters delightest delighteth delightful delighting delightous delignated delimanjoo deliminate delimitate delimiters delimiting delimitize delincourt delindeite delineable delineated delineates delineator delinekahn deliniment delinition delinquent delinquish delionwine deliphrase delipidate deliquated deliquates deliquesce deliquiate delirament deliration delirement deliriants delirious? delistable delistings delitigate delitschia deliverers deliveress deliverest delivereth deliveries deliverin' delivering delivrance dell'acqua dell'amico dellacroce dellareese dellatorre dellington delmopinol delocalize delocharis delopterus delorentos delosperma deloxolone delpatkada delphacids delphinate delphinids delphinine delphinion delphinite delphinity delphinium delphinoid delphisine delphonics delpinoina delsartian delshannon delta-gnom delta-ring delta9-thc deltablues deltabreen deltaburke deltacloud deltadrive deltaforce deltafores deltahouse deltapodus deltasonic deltastate deltathree deltawaves deltawings deltawomen delthyrial delthyrium deltidiums deltiology deltobotys deltohedra deltoideo- deltoideus deltomerus deltophora deltorphin delturinae delucemine delucidate deludingly deluginous delusional delusionof delusively delustrant delvauxene delvauxite delvecchio delvesinto

Word usage examples

When a lady, in a delicate and costly summer garb, with a floating veil and gracefully swaying gown, and, altogether, an ethereal lightness that made you look at her beautifully slippered feet, to see whether she trod on the dust or floated in the air—when such a vision happened to pass through this retired street, leaving it tenderly and delusively fragrant with her passage, as if a bouquet of tea-roses had been borne along—then again, it is to be feared, old Hepzibah's scowl could no longer vindicate itself entirely on the plea of near-sightedness.

Of his simplicity let me record an instance where a sad and civil young Chinaman brought me certain shirts with most of the but tons missing and others hanging on delusively by a single thread.

Susan received treatment for her delusional problems throughout her twenties, up to and including electroconvulsive therapy.

My evaluation shows that you are not only socially maladaptive but seriously delusional.

While he may riot be insane, he is often delusional in constructing fantastic conceptions of how his actions are likely to play out.

Erratic, impulsive and imperious, Suarez has morphed into the delusional loner we once predicted of his predecessor, the tightly wound Joe Carollo.

This final scene in The Man in the High Castle has, I think, been the source for a similar scene in my later story "Faith of Our Fathers," where the girl Tanya Lee shows up and acquaints the protagonist with the actual reality situation -- which is to say, that much of his world is delusional, and purposefully so.

Taking into account the recommendations of psychiatrists who found Madeleine to be a "severely delusional violent schizophrenic adept at acting out many different personalities," the judge sentenced her to Atascadero State Hospital for an "indeterminate period of treatment not to subscribe below the minimum time allotted by the state penalties code: ten years of imprisonment.

Based on a two-hour interview and the attached testing results, I found no authoritarian traits in her personality, no delusional disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, or sexual disorders.

It's a delusional disorder that often applies to stalkers, for example.