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vb. (en-archaic third-person singular of: deliver)

Usage examples of "delivereth".

The king careth not whose hand delivereth the youth, so that he be delivered.

  He went back to clawing at the wormy, mulchy earth, resuming his prayers‑‑avengeth me, me, delivereth from ther violent man--working himself into a full-throttle frenzy.

God protecteth and delivereth the humble man, He loveth and comforteth the humble man, to the humble man He inclineth Himself, on the humble He bestoweth great grace, and when he is cast down He raiseth him to glory: to the humble He revealeth His secrets, and sweetly draweth and inviteth him to Himself.

Polydore Virgil delivereth that Pleurisies were rare in England, who lived but in the days of Henry the Eighth.