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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Delawarean \Delawarean\ n. a resident of Delaware.

Syn: Delawarian.

Usage examples of "delawarean".

Senate and moving to Washington, and that I was to remain here, alone, and maintain the fiction that he was still a Delawarean at heart.

Of Delawareans that still believed Virtual-Reality pornography even though it'd been found to cause bleeding from the eye-corners and real-world permanent impotence was still the key to Shrangi-la and believed that some sort of perfect piece of digito-holographic porn was circulating somewhere in the form of a bootleg Write-Protect-notched software diskette and devoted their cultic lives to snuffling around trying to get hold of the virtual kamasupra diskette and getting together in dim Wilmington-area venues and talking very obliquely about rumors of where and just what the software was and how their snufflings for it were going, and watching Virtual fuckfilms and mopping the corner of their eyes, etc.