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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Delicately \Del"i*cate*ly\ (d[e^]l"[i^]*k[asl]t*l[y^]), adv. In a delicate manner.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., "luxuriously," from delicate + -ly (2). Meaning "softly, gently" is early 15c.


adv. 1 In a delicate manner; exquisitely. 2 tactfully.


adv. in a delicate manner; "finely shaped features"; "her fine drawn body" [syn: finely, fine, exquisitely]

Usage examples of "delicately".

His countenance, with radiant glory bright, Beneath his graceful locks far shines around, And the light vest with which his limbs are bound, Of woof aethereal delicately twined, Glows in the stream of the uplifting wind.

Even then he had learned that an anchorman must be handled as delicately as a Ming vase and receive the deference accorded heads of state.

Its vast walls, silk-hung in a rich shade of mulberry, were hung with a great number of paintings in ornate gilded frames and its ceiling, even loftier than the hall, was delicately painted and echoing its colours was the Aubusson carpet under her feet.

Thauglor backbeat his wings once, curled the tips to steer and brake for one last, deft instant, and landed delicately on the great bole, his talons closing with almost fastidious care.

The quaddie piloting the pusher, a dark-haired, copper-skinned girl named Zara in the purple T-shirt and shorts of the pusher crews, brought her ship smartly into alignment and clicked it delicately into the clamps on the landing spoke.

Her heart hammered wildly in her chest as his giant cockhead slid erotically against her asshole and then rose to delicately part her nether lips.

Quickly, Christa shifted to a delicately structured countermelody that hovered between the dorian and the phrygian mode, twined like a growing vine, reached out and enveloped Melinda.

The cowbirds landed in the grass, stepping delicately together, making noises deep in their throats, as if anxiously awaiting events.

The triplet found their dobu at the food tables, his mouth full of a red potato salad that had been delicately bittered with profane fruit.

Presently, far away on the left, Domini and Androvsky saw hills of sand, clearly defined like small mountains delicately shaped.

He stopped in front of a beautiful antique enamelware cabinet in deep ruby red inlaid with delicately formed black, white and green leaves outlined in gold.

The nose of the vessel then enters this area quickly, and at the same time, the top, sides and bottom of Ha-Ta gradually increase the size of the soil particles back to normal, so that Ha-Ta is pushed forward delicately and vigilantly, yet paradoxically with great power and thrust, depending on the speed.

He was a small man, with reddish-gold hair inherited from his Irish mother, delicately, or frailly, made, shy, melancholic, heavy-smoking.

A diminutive female knelt at his knee and delicately poured a steaming liquid into the small, handleless cup that sat in easy reach of the Great Master.

A diminutive, fragile-looking female knelt gracefully at the feet of the Great Master and delicately poured a steaming liquid into a handleless cup that sat on a low, lacquered table by his feet.