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n. (plural of deliverer English)

Usage examples of "deliverers".

No matter how reasonable these Deliverers were, Sundhaven owed them nothing.

I have known evil practices to flourish, but it is the sworn duty of the Deliverers to seek them out and to put an end to them.

Since these Deliverers were sworn to root out power and destroy its sources, it followed that they would seek her death.

And this is no simple follower of the Abiding Word, the law of the Deliverers, who seeks you.

The Deliverers had defended themselves well, but had not been able to match the speed of their aerial assailants.

Steel and claw rang together, but several of the Deliverers had received deeper wounds than Djemuta.

Following up this advantage, the owls prized the horses apart and the Deliverers found themselves similarly split.

He felt a great urgency not to stop, but had to content himself in the knowledge that the Deliverers would also need to rest.

He yearned for the day when he could lead his own party of Deliverers out from the Direkeep and not have to bend to the will of Wargallow.

If you are not prepared to tell me, he will likely wish to send Deliverers to find them.

No other white owl had come down out of the mountains, that was clear, and it looked as though the Deliverers had been forced to go far to the north.

Guile dropped to his knees, terrified not so much of the Deliverers, but of the dizzy fall.

The time spent waiting for Korbillian's arrival had not been pleasant for the Deliverers, as the eastern lands sat like disease around them, ugly and corroding.

High above them all could be glimpsed humped shapes, devoid of detail, but they were not Deliverers (if they were men at all) and seemed poised and eager to taste the blood of those below them.

Ilassa saw the cruel hands of the Deliverers who were approaching him from his side of the bridge.