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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Deliquesce \Del`i*quesce"\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Deliquesced; p. pr. & vb. n. Deliquescing.] [L. deliquescere to melt, dissolve; de- + liquescere to become fluid, melt, fr. liquere to be fluid. See Liquid.] (Chem.) To dissolve gradually and become liquid by attracting and absorbing moisture from the air, as certain salts, acids, and alkalies.

In very moist air crystals of strontites deliquesce.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1756, in chemistry, from Latin deliquescere "to melt away," from de- (see de-) + liquescere "to melt," from liquere "to be liquid" (see liquid (adj.)). General use dates from 1858.


vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To melt and disappear. 2 (context intransitive chemistry English) To become liquid by absorbing water from the atmosphere.

  1. v. melt away in the process of decay; "The fungi eventually deliquesced"

  2. melt or become liquid by absorbig moisture from the air; "this type of salt deliquesces easily"

Usage examples of "deliquesce".

The old local order has been broken up or is now being broken up all over the earth, and everywhere societies deliquesce, everywhere men are afloat amidst the wreckage of their flooded conventions, and still tremendously unaware of the thing that has happened.

There are lines going every which way, and they run oblique or meet and form relationships and boxes and rivers and tributaries and systems inside systems: lines, corners, alleys, and angles deliquesce into a blur at the horizon of the distant net.

His tongue patrolled the inner ridges of his gums as Lucy's shape deliquesced before him.

Presently, he was confident, a soothing elixir of sweat and blood would begin to soften the chips of ruptured cardboard, would begin to lubricate the craters of the scored heel, would begin to deliquesce the stiffened creases of the biting vinyl.

A patch of blood on his hair had had time to dry and then to deliquesce again in the rain.

I always thought it meant peeing up alleys or allowing a dead dog to deliquesce in one's backyard.

The plane fired a bolt of light at him and then deliquesced in the sun.

And as he watched, they slid apart, deliquesced, and trickled away, down into the mazes of an older city.

Just before everything deliquesced into the Great River of Space-Time, she twisted her head, looking back at her prison.

For if while the man is alive the body deliquesces and decays, and yet the soul always weaves her garment anew and repairs the waste, then of course, when the soul perishes, she must have on her last garment, and this only will survive her.

Draxon said, looking around at the blood spattered room and the demon deliquescing before his eyes.

The deliquescing, the warmth that had run through it, was gone, overridden by a certain sluggishness of foot, a shortness of breath.

They'll deliquesce like fungi, and keep a hundred eulogists mopping the spot where they left off.