How to Search for Rhymes

You just need to enter the word you are looking for a rhyme in the field. In order to find a more original version you can resort to fuzzy search. Practically in no time you will be provided with a list of rhyming words according to your request. They will be presented in blocks depending on the number of letters.

Rhymes for word plause

abstruse abuse accoucheuse accuse admenuse affuse ale-house alms-house amenuse amuse andropause apause applause arch-house arouse arrouse ascuse askuse back-house bakehouse balayeuse banking-house barrel-house bastel-house bastle-house bause because bellhouse bemuse berceuse bespouse bicause blockhouse blouse bog-house boot-carouse bouse brewhouse bridehouse bridge-house brouse bruse bughouse burnouse buse bycause cake-house calompniouse carnouse carouse carrouse cart-house carthouse cartouse cauph-house cause causeuse cayuse cereuse ceruse change-house chapter-house charge-house chargeuse chariouse chocolate-house chop-house chouse church-house church-mouse chuse clause clearing-house clock-house clouse club-house cluse co-cause coal-house coalmouse cob-house cockarouse coffee-house coiffeuse colemouse concause cook-house cophouse coriouse corn-house cornamouse cornemuse costuouse cot-house cote-house council-house counter-cause couple-clause court-house couse cow-house crab-louse creep-mouse cremeuse creuse crouse cruse culver-house curiuse custom-house dairy-house danseuse day-house debiteuse deer-mouse defuse delouse detruse deuse dey-house diapause dicing-house diffuse diminuse disabuse dishouse distil-house disuse dog-house dormeuse dormouse dotouse douse dovehouse drouse druse dwelling-house dye-house eating-house effuse encause encluse enhouse enmuse enthuse escuse espouse excluse excuse exfuse exhause expouse farm-house fause fause-house felenouse fire-house flickermouse flinder-mouse forbecause frame-house fuse garden-house gatehouse gause gorgiouse grouse guard-house guse hause hay-house hen-house hip-house hog-louse horse-house host-house hot-house hothouse house humifuse hurley-house huse hyper-use hypotenuse hypothenuse ice-house ill-use jalouse jealouse jeuse jewel-house jouse juse kyuse land-use laucyouse lazar-house lectuse leuse lighthouse lobscouse lodging-house louse lucriouse lumber-house luse lust-house lycorouse madhouse magnetopause malerouse malt-house manor-house mansion-house mass-house masseuse meeting-house menopause menuse mersause meuse mill-house misseuse misuse mitrailleuse mixed-use moot-house mouse mug-house multi-use muse myseuse nanny-house neat-house night-house noiouse nuse obstruse obtuse occluse odyouse office-house ouse outhouse ouvreuse over-abuse over-blouse over-use overhouse overmuse oxhouse packhouse paint-house pampelmouse pappouse parliament-house parrot-house partouse pause pelouse penthouse perfuse perifuse pertuse peruse pest-house philomuse pigeon-house pitcher-house plant-louse plasmapause playhouse pleasure-house plentiouse poorhouse poorshouse porter-house pot-house poudreuse pound-house pouse powerhouse preaching-house pricklouse print-house printing-house prison-house procureuse profuse proluse punch-house quest-house rasp-house rattle-mouse re-accuse re-arouse re-use rearmouse recluse recuse rediffuse reermouse refuse rehouse reinfuse religeouse religieuse religiuse rell-mouse rendizvouse repause reperuse reremouse reskuse rest-house retransfuse retruse retuse reuse riding-house rooming-house root-house rope-house rough-house round-house rouse ruse ry-mouse rye-mouse salt-house sambouse sand-grouse sause scalding-house scalmuse school-house scluse scouse scrupilouse scruse scuse secluse self-abuse self-applause senate-house seruse shalemuse shameuse sheep-house sheep-louse shouse shrewmouse shrove-mouse sick-house slaughter-house slouse smeuse smoke-house smouse souse speak-house speech-house spetouse spill-house spin-house spinning-house spitemouse spittle-house sponging-house spouse sprouse spruse spuse stadthouse station-house steeple-house stew-house still-house storehouse stratopause strippeuse strouse struse stuse sub-clause suffuse summer-house superfuse superinfuse surfuse sweat-house sweating-house tabling-house tackle-house talmouse tan-house tap-house tippling-house tiring-house titmouse toliduse toll-house touse town-house transfuse treasure-house trembleuse treouse tricoteuse tropopause trouse truse turbopause under-cause unhouse unprofuse unuse use value-in-use vaughouse veilleuse vencuse vendeuse venemouse ventouse ventuse venymouse verejouse vertuse victualling-house want-louse wardhouse warehouse wash-house watch-house water-house water-mouse weigh-house wheel-house whore-house wiglouse wine-house winter-house wodehouse wood-house wood-louse woodhouse wool-house workhouse working-house yspouse