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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I start musing on how it is we do find ourselves on the same side.
▪ He mused over it, thinking about Blackbeard's sweat and his icy rage.
▪ Repeating the title, we muse over what the book will probably be about.
▪ As he walked towards the towering ship, he mused over his good fortune.
▪ Though each portrait was essentially a straight forward head-shot, we are given far more to muse over than a strange face.
▪ "I wonder why she was killed," mused Poirot.
▪ A number of key executives mused aloud on the prospect of early retirement.
▪ How different things seem with a little light on the subject, I mused.
▪ Otherwise, Shamlou mused, he resembled a photographic negative.
▪ Perhaps, mused the pundits, he is needed now - at the very top.
▪ Repeating the title, we muse over what the book will probably be about.
▪ Three cheers for Nantucket, he muses, and the Devil do what he will with me.
▪ What a doleful and mocking funeral, Ishmael muses.
▪ Maud Gonne was the muse of W.B. Yeats, the Irish poet.
▪ At times like that do you despair, turn to drink to try and coax back the muse?
▪ It is profitable, but it leaves the comic muse high and dry.
▪ She still puts in occasional appearances, Graves concluded in all sincerity, as a muse to poets like himself!
▪ Soon she is up in the studio mixing his paints and dreaming of becoming her master's muse.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Muse \Muse\, n. [From F. musse. See Muset.] A gap or hole in a hedge, hence, wall, or the like, through which a wild animal is accustomed to pass; a muset.

Find a hare without a muse.
--Old Prov.


Muse \Muse\, n. [F. Muse, L. Musa, Gr. ?. Cf. Mosaic, n., Music.]

  1. (Class. Myth.) One of the nine goddesses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who presided over song and the different kinds of poetry, and also the arts and sciences; -- often used in the plural. At one time certain other goddesses were considered as muses.

    Granville commands; your aid, O Muses, bring: What Muse for Granville can refuse to sing?

    Note: The names of the Muses and the arts they presided over were: Calliope (Epic poetry), Clio (History), Erato (Lyric poetry), Euterpe (music), Melpomene (Tragedy), Polymnia or Polyhymnia (religious music), Terpsichore (dance), Thalia (comedy), and Urania (astronomy).

  2. A particular power and practice of poetry; the inspirational genius of a poet.

  3. A poet; a bard. [R.]


Muse \Muse\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Mused; p. pr. & vb. n. Musing.] [F. muser to loiter or trifle, orig., to stand with open mouth, fr. LL. musus, morsus, muzzle, snout, fr. L. morsus a biting, bite, fr. mordere to bite. See Morsel, and cf. Amuse, Muzzle, n.]

  1. To think closely; to study in silence; to meditate. ``Thereon mused he.''

    He mused upon some dangerous plot.
    --Sir P. Sidney.

  2. To be absent in mind; to be so occupied in study or contemplation as not to observe passing scenes or things present; to be in a brown study.

  3. To wonder. [Obs.]
    --B. Jonson.

    Syn: To consider; meditate; ruminate. See Ponder.


Muse \Muse\, v. t.

  1. To think on; to meditate on.

    Come, then, expressive Silence, muse his praise.

  2. To wonder at. [Obs.]


Muse \Muse\, n.

  1. Contemplation which abstracts the mind from passing scenes; absorbing thought; hence, absence of mind; a brown study.

  2. Wonder, or admiration. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"to reflect, to be absorbed in thought," mid-14c., from Old French muser (12c.) "to ponder, dream, wonder; loiter, waste time," literally "to stand with one's nose in the air" (or, possibly, "to sniff about" like a dog who has lost the scent), from muse "muzzle," from Gallo-Roman *musa "snout," of unknown origin. Probably influenced in sense by muse (n.). Related: Mused; musing.


late 14c., protectors of the arts, from Old French Muse and directly from Latin Musa, from Greek Mousa, "the Muse," also "music, song," from PIE root *men- "to think, remember" (see mind (n.)). Meaning "inspiring goddess of a particular poet" is from late 14c. The traditional names and specialties of the nine Muses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, are: Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Erato (love poetry, lyric art), Euterpe (music, especially flute), Melpomene (tragedy), Polymnia (hymns), Terpsichore (dance), Thalia (comedy), Urania (astronomy).


Etymology 1 n. 1 A source of inspiration. 2 (context archaic English) A poet; a bard. Etymology 2

n. An act of musing; a period of thoughtfulness. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To become lost in thought, to ponder. 2 (context transitive English) To say (something) with due consideration or thought. 3 (context transitive English) To think on; to meditate on. Etymology 3

n. A gap or hole in a hedge, fence, etc. through which a wild animal is accustomed to pass; a muset.


v. reflect deeply on a subject; "I mulled over the events of the afternoon"; "philosophers have speculated on the question of God for thousands of years"; "The scientist must stop to observe and start to excogitate" [syn: chew over, think over, meditate, ponder, excogitate, contemplate, reflect, mull, mull over, ruminate, speculate]


MusE is computer software, a sequencer for Musical Instrument Digital Interface ( MIDI) and audio, with recording and editing abilities. It was originally written by Werner Schweer and now is developed by the Muse development team. It is free software released under the GNU General Public License.

MusE aims to be a complete multitrack virtual studio for Linux. As of 2016, it has no support under other platforms as it relies on Linux-only technologies, such as Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA). It also supports the Linux Audio Session Handler (LASH).

From version 0.7 on, its music notation abilities were removed to MuseScore. However, they are back in 2.0.

From version 2.2 MusE supports the LV2 audio plugin format and the formerly supported Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API ( LADSPA), Disposable Soft Synth Interface (DSSI), and Virtual Studio Technology (VST).

Muse (band)

Muse are an English rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994. The band consists of Matt Bellamy (lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards), Chris Wolstenholme (bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboards) and Dominic Howard (drums, percussion).

Muse released their debut album, Showbiz, in the September of 1999, showcasing an aggressive and melancholic alternative rock style. Their second album, Origin of Symmetry (2001), expanded their sound, combining Bellamy's falsetto, heavier riffs, wider instrumentation, and romantic classical influences. It earned them mainstream European success and a reputation for energetic live performances. Their third album, Absolution (2003), saw further classical influences, incorporating orchestra on tracks such as " Butterflies and Hurricanes", and brought American success, producing hit singles including " Time is Running Out".

Muse's fourth album, Black Holes and Revelations (2006), incorporated electronic and pop elements, influenced by 1980s groups such as Depeche Mode, and produced successful singles such as " Supermassive Black Hole". The Resistance (2009) and The 2nd Law (2012) explore lyrical themes of government oppression and uprising and cemented Muse as one of the world's major stadium acts. Their seventh album, Drones (2015), is a concept album about drone warfare and returned to a harder rock sound.

Muse have won numerous music awards, including five MTV Europe Music Awards, eight NME Awards, two Brit Awards, and two Grammy Awards, winning Best Rock Album for The Resistance and Drones. They have sold over 20 million albums worldwide.

Muse (disambiguation)

The Muses are the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science, and the arts in Greek mythology.

Muse or muses may also refer to:

Muse (children's magazine)

Muse is a children's magazine published by Carus Publishing, the publishers of Cricket. Launched in January 1997, it is published in Chicago, Illinois, and has readers throughout the United States and around the world. From 1997 to 2006, it was published in collaboration between Cricket and Smithsonian. Recommended for ages nine and above, it features articles about science, history, and the arts. Nine cartoon characters, known as the Muses, used to appear in the margins throughout the magazine as well as in the Kokopelli & Company comic strip. Muse now has a comic named "Parallel U" that replaced Muse's muses, featuring new characters, as well as new content and a different layout, as they recently joined with a sister magazine, Odyssey.

Muse (EP)

Muse is the debut extended play (EP) by English alternative rock band Muse. Limited to 999 hand-numbered copies, it was released on 11 May 1998 by Sawmills Studio label Dangerous Records. Three of the EP's four songs – "Overdue", " Cave" and "Escape" – were re-recorded for the band's full-length debut album Showbiz, while the same recording of the song "Coma" was rereleased as a B-side on the "Cave" Single.

Muse (Grace Jones album)

Muse is the third studio album by Grace Jones, released in September 4, 1979 by Island Records.

Muse (Star Trek: Voyager)

__NOTOC__ "Muse" is the 142nd episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the 22nd episode of the sixth season. Its setting is a reference to ancient Greece, with plays, gods, etc.

Muse (Candy Lo album)

Muse is Candy Lo's fourth studio album. It was released on 24 November 2000. All the songs on the album were co-written and co-produced by Kubert Leung and Lo.

Muse (comics)

Muse is the alias of Richard Perignon, a fictional character from DC Comics. He first appeared in Blue Beetle Vol.2 #5 (October 1986).

Muse (Valery Leontiev album)

Muse - is the first studio album of Valery Leontiev. released in USSR. The authors of the songs in the album are very well known poets and composers ( Raimonds Pauls Vladimir Shainsky, Aleksandra Pakhmutova, David Tukhmanov, etc.). Singer Valery Leontiev's newly released album won instant popularity. Theme songs mostly - romance, memories, love of country and of course the girl-muse, that certainly was a decisive moment in the choice of album title.

Muse (clan)

The Muse clan is a Somali clan. Group members live in the northwestern Somaliland region of Somalia, the eastern Somali Region of Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Yemen.

Muse (Hong Kong magazine)

Muse is a bilingual Hong Kong-based multimedia publisher specialising in content related to the art and culture scene of Hong Kong and greater China. Muse now concentrates on digital media, books, and specialised publishing projects, and is a developer for both's Kindle Store and Apple's iBookstore, Muse also maintains its own online bookstore.

Until December 2010, Muse published an award-winning monthly arts and culture magazine. It was the only art magazine to have won the Society of Publishers in Asia's Award for Editorial Excellence (local English newspaper/ magazine category) in 2008 and 2009. The magazine started publishing in February 2007 and released its last issue in December 2010.

In December 2011, Muse launched the first of a series of blogs on its web site. The bilingual blog section, labelled 'think again' , was launched with a theatre column by Winnie Chau , a Hong Kong theatre critic. This ongong blog was paired with the past theatre archives from the magazine, encompassing more than 75 reviews and articles about Hong Kong theatre. In March 2012, a blog on architecture was added, authored by Sylvia Chan .

Muse (Jolin Tsai album)

Muse is the twelfth studio album by Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai , released on September 12, 2012 by Warner Music Taiwan. It has sold more than 100,000 copies sold in Taiwan, becoming the best-selling album by female artist of 2012 in Taiwan. Referred to as a "pop masterpiece", the album received generally positive reviews. The lead single, "The Great Artist", reached number 2 on the Hit FM annual singles chart. The second track, "Dr. Jolin", reached number 10 on the Hit FM annual singles chart. The eighth track, "Wandering Poet", reached number 24 on the Hit FM annual singles chart. The album earned Tsai four Golden Melody Award nominations—Best Mandarin Album, Best Mandarin Female Singer, Best Music Video, and Best Song of the Year—ultimately the lead single, "The Great Artist", winning Best Song of the Year. The album earned Tsai an MTV Europe Music Award nomination for Best Asian Act.

Muse (surname)

Muse is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Abduwali Muse (born c. 1990), Somali pirate
  • Alexander Muse (born 1972), American businessman
  • Arizona Muse (born 1988), American fashion model
  • C. Anthony Muse (born 1958), American politician
  • John Muse (born 1988), American ice hockey player
  • John Muse (businessman), American businessman
  • Munirudeen Adekunle Muse (born 1939), Nigerian politician
  • Sunday Muse, Canadian actress and voice actress
  • William Muse (born 1939), American university president
Muse (apartment building)

Muse is a planned apartment building condo development in Sunny Isles, Florida. The 47-story condo building with 68 units is being developed by Property Markets Group and S2 Development. Each units will include a sculpture by Heidon Xhixha. The tall and narrow building was designed by Carlos Ott.

Muse (novel)

Muse is a 2013 novel by the Canadian author Mary Novik and her second book. It was first published on August 13, 2013 through Doubleday Canada and is set in 14th century Avignon. The book follows Solange, a fictional character based on Laura de Noves, the mistress of the Italian poet Francesco Petrarch, and the unnamed mother of his children. An Italian translation entitled L'amante del Papa was also released in 2013, through Newton Compton Editori.

Muse (headband)

Muse is a wearable brain sensing headband that is claimed to be able to measure the wearer's level of calm. The device measures brain activity via a series of electroencephalography sensors, the level of activity is fed back to the user via headphones. Muse is manufactured by InteraXon, a company based in Toronto, Canada that was founded by CEO Ariel Garten. Development of the Muse product began in 2003, and after several rounds of fundraising, was released to the public in May 2014.

The device operates by representing brain waves that correspond to a more relaxed state through the sound of tweeting birds, and higher amounts of brain activity is represented by storm sounds. It is claimed that using the headband helps in reaching a deep relaxed state.

Muse is worn over the ears and connects to a companion mobile app via bluetooth. The use of Muse enables the use of biofeedback, differing from a device like Thync that claims to actually alter brainwaves by wearing it.

Muse is the subject of various scientific studies, one of those at the Mayo Clinic, to understand its usefulness in supporting patients who have undergone breast cancer surgery.

MUSE (spacecraft)

MUSE (Mission to Uranus for Science and Exploration) is a European proposal for a dedicated mission to the planet Uranus to study its atmosphere, interior, moons, rings, and magnetosphere. It is proposed to be launched with an Ariane 5 in 2026, travel for 16.5 years to reach Uranus in 2044, and would operate until 2050.

The European Space Operations Centre would monitor and control the mission, as well as generate and provide the raw data sets. In 2012, the cost was estimated at €1.8 billion. The mission addresses the themes of the ESA Cosmic Vision 2015-2025.

Usage examples of "muse".

Bas-relief 8 Lions Frieze, Susa 9 Painted Head from Edessa 10 Cypriote Vase Decoration 11 Attic Grave Painting 12 Muse of Cortona 13 Odyssey Landscape 14 Amphore, Lower Italy 15 Ritual Scene, Palatine Wall painting 16 Portrait, Fayoum, Graf Collection 17 Chamber in Catacombs, with wall decorations 18 Catacomb Fresco, S.

Against this tapestry of living light the jagged contours of the pyramids stood out in dark outline, and as any thoughtful individual might do, I mused upon the vanity of human aspiration and the brevity of human passions.

I look out a window and see the Muse flit by in her chariot, holographic horses in full stride.

The Marches sat and mused, or quarrelled fitfully about where they should spend the summer, like sparrows, he once said, till the electric lights began to show distinctly among the leaves, and they looked round and found the infants and dotards gone and the benches filled with lovers.

Such must be the birthplace of the sun, he mused, whence mares of smoke and stallions of fire blazed forth to charge heaven.

That, Shelly Morgenstern mused, was more true of Stag Preston than it had ever been of anyone.

For as this is the liquor of modern historians, nay, perhaps their muse, if we may believe the opinion of Butler, who attributes inspiration to ale, it ought likewise to be the potation of their readers, since every book ought to be read with the same spirit and in the same manner as it is writ.

Wexenne mused on the difference between the new dynamic Porteous and the old one.

He, as well as Apollo, was precentor of the Muses and source of inspiration.

Patriotism and the beauties of external nature were the favourite subjects of his muse, which, as if premonished of his early fate, loved to sing in plaintive strains.

Apollo, god of the Muses, I beseech thee to tell me whether it be thy will that I journey to Sardis to accompany my friend, Proxenus, on his expedition with Cyrus.

The Muse of History has decreed that I must select for this mission the first querent whose Question I Answer.

If they cultivated the literature, as well as the religion, of the Greeks, they acquired an additional claim to the friendship of Julian, who ranked the Muses in the number of his tutelar deities.

Carol Marcus mused as she gazed around her spacious laboratory on Regula I, with its 360-degree view of the stars and an impressive collection of nebulas beyond.

It was the Chapter Coffee House, the meeting place of booksellers, authors who had made their names, and struggling scribblers hanging on to the skirts of the muses.