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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Every Christmas now he hires that little plane and drops all those boxes of gifts to the lighthouse keepers.
▪ Like a lighthouse beacon, this magnetic field has guided ocean voyagers for hundreds of years.
▪ On one of them, Longstone Island, there is a lighthouse.
▪ She had seen, like a distant lighthouse, headlamps moving round the castle on the skyline.
▪ Such monuments, verbal and physical, are lighthouses for our psyche, navigational aids for our talking and thinking.
▪ This central tower represents a lighthouse, Holmes.
▪ We found the eider flock at the back of Bound Skerry, on which the lighthouse stands.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lighthouse \Light"house`\ (l[imac]t"hous`), n.; pl. Lighthouses (l[imac]t"houz`[e^]z). A tower or other building with a powerful light at top, erected at the entrance of a port, or at some important point on a coast, to serve as a guide to mariners at night; a pharos.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1620s, from light (n.) + house (n.).


n. A building, usually a tower, containing a light to warn or guide ships.


n. a tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing ships [syn: beacon, beacon light, pharos]


A lighthouse is a tower, building, or other type of structure designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses, and to serve as a navigational aid for maritime pilots at sea or on inland waterways.

Lighthouses mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs, and safe entries to harbors, and can assist in aerial navigation. Once widely used, the number of operational lighthouses has declined due to the expense of maintenance and use of electronic navigational systems.

Lighthouse (band)

Lighthouse is a Canadian rock band formed in 1968 in Toronto. Their sound included horns, string instruments, and vibraphone; their music reflected elements of rock music, jazz, classical music, and swing. They won Juno Awards for Best Canadian Group of the Year in 1972, 1973 and 1974.

Lighthouse (disambiguation)

A lighthouse is a tower aiding marine navigation.

Light House, Lighthouse, or The Lighthouse may also refer to:

Lighthouse (film)

Lighthouse (released as Dead of Night in the United States) is a 1999 British horror film directed by ( Simon Hunter). The film follows survivors of a shipwreck being preyed on by an escaped psychotic convict who beheads his victims. It was shot in Cornwall for the main locations (lighthouse, beaches rockshores), and Hastings in East Sussex.

Lighthouse (Lost)

"Lighthouse" is the fifth television episode of the American Broadcasting Company's sixth season of the serial drama television series Lost and 108th episode overall. The episode aired on February 23, 2010, on ABC in the United States and 2 hours earlier on A in Canada due to the 2010 Winter Olympics. The episode was written by showrunners and executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and was directed by Jack Bender. Jack Shephard is the character centered on this episode.

In 2007, instructed by Jacob ( Mark Pellegrino), Hugo "Hurley" Reyes ( Jorge Garcia) brings Jack Shephard ( Matthew Fox) to an unspecified place. Meanwhile, Jin-Soo Kwon ( Daniel Dae Kim) finds Claire Littleton ( Emilie de Ravin) after 3 years of disappearance, but begins to question her sanity. In the "flash-sideways", Jack deals with the issues of parenthood.

Lighthouse (Westlife song)

"Lighthouse" is a song by Irish boy band Westlife. It is the lead single from their second compilation album, Greatest Hits. The song is their second final physical single after their announcement to disband. The song was written by Gary Barlow and John Shanks, and was released on 11 November 2011. A music video was filmed in South Africa and premiered on 20 October 2011. The song became their second-lowest charting single in Ireland and their lowest-charting single in the United Kingdom, charting at number eleven and thirty-two respectively.

Lighthouse (Lucy Spraggan song)

"Lighthouse" is a single by English musician Lucy Spraggan. The song was released in the United Kingdom as a digital download on 28 June 2013 as the lead single from her debut studio album. The song was written by Lucy Spraggan, James Flannigan and The Ordinary Boys frontman Preston. The song has peaked to number 26 on the UK Singles Chart.

Lighthouse (Loudspeakers album)

Lighthouse is the first album by the Georgian alternative rock band, Loudspeakers. It was released on 4 March 2015.

Lighthouse (Nina Kraljić song)

"Lighthouse" is a song by Croatian singer Nina Kraljić released on March 9, 2016. It represented Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Lighthouse (novel)

Lighthouse is a 1972 novel by Eugenia Price, the third and last of St Simons Trilogy. Previous two were- The Beloved Invader (1965) and New Moon Rising (1969). The story centers on a man James Gould- founder of the Southern dynasty. He dreams to leave the cold New England hills where he was born and want to make better life for himself in the magnificent, untamed, post-Revolutionary south. How Gould pursues his strange ambition, the exotic people and places he encounters along the way, and especially the beautiful and strong willed young girl who comes to share the dream and the life he has chosen, make up the core of this novel.

Lighthouse (G.R.L. song)

"Lighthouse" is the third single by American, British and Canadian girl group G.R.L., and the first single following the death of group member Simone Battle, who died in 2014. The song features songwriting credits from Lukasz Gottwald, and Henry Walter, with production credits from Gottwald and Walter under their production monikers, Dr. Luke and Cirkut. The track was released on January 15, 2015. "Lighthouse" was recorded in the memory of Battle.

The song's accompanying music video was directed by Daniel Carberry. It features footage and photos of Battle during her time with G.R.L., while the group sing in a room filled with hanging light bulbs. "Lighthouse" was supposed to be the final single released by G.R.L., as the group disbanded in June 2015. However, the group reunited the following year with the intention of releasing new music.

Lighthouse (iamthemorning album)

Lighthouse is the third studio album by Russian chamber progressive band iamthemorning. It was released on April 1, 2016 through Kscope. It features several guest musicians, including Gavin Harrison and Colin Edwin from Porcupine Tree, as well as Mariusz Duda from Riverside. The album was primarily recorded at Murder Mile Studios in London and Mosfilm Studios in Moscow, mixed at Murder Mile Studio, mastered by Marcel van Limbeek and Neil Pickles at Reveal Sound Studios in London and produced by iamthemorning. The album was premiered by AllMusic on March 30, 2016.

Usage examples of "lighthouse".

I seem to remember that once the West Lighthouse was right under me, and then there was a sort of agonizing feeling, as if I were in an earthquake, and I came back and found you shaking my body.

Ride Shamu, tend the Jupiter Lighthouse, dive the Atocha, perform my one-man salute to Claude Pepper at the Kravis Center, become a surf bum in Jensen, join the harvesting of the oysters at Apalachicola, take a billfish on flyrod, double-eagle at PGA National, ride with the Blue Angels from Pensacola, deliver peace and justice to my Cuban exile community.

The rocky coast was peopled by little islets, many of them simply clumps of weedy rock beaten by the tides and wind, and many with lighthouses atop them.

I am going back to San Francisco as soon as Hettie Houck returns to the lighthouse, which she has promised will be no later than the first of July.

The harbour lies below me, with, on the far side, one long granite wall stretching out into the sea, with a curve outwards at the end of it, in the middle of which is a lighthouse.

But then the sun broke through the ragged clouds and cast a golden glow on the Point Loma lighthouse and the sandstone cliffs.

A mile or more of broken water, and beyond that, low on the western horizon, the outline of the Monachs, the pointed finger of the disused lighthouse just visible.

One moment the hills of Harris were still there, just visible, then they were gone and the only thing in sight, besides the sea, was the tower of the Monachs lighthouse iridescent in a gleam of sun.

Grimsholm lighthouse, Neame set his mean line of advance towards the rendezvous.

He paddled out to a rock close by Tarifa lighthouse, said to be the extreme southern point of Europe, which he touched, turned and waved an adieu to Spain.

Borne up on roots, or rather walls, of twisted board, some twelve feet high, between which the whole crew, their ammunitions, and provisions, were housed roomily, rose the enormous trunk full forty feet in girth, towering like some tall lighthouse, smooth for a hundred feet, then crowned with boughs, each of which was a stately tree, whose topmost twigs were full two hundred and fifty feet from the ground.

She noticed something out of the side of her eye, and when she turned she saw it again: the lighthouse flashing in the distance, Tuskar Rock.

Ptolemy built the nearly unimaginable Lighthouse of Paros Island, four hundred feet high, one of the wonders of the ancient world.

In lonely lighthouses beyond the Nore, In English country houses crammed with Jews, Men still will study, spell, perpend and pore And read the Illustrated London News.

As retributory service, Mesmeron was condemned to the posting of lighthouse keeper at Greasy Frog, with Steptoe as his second.