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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1918, from de- + louse. First used in reference to World War I armies. Related: Deloused; delousing.


vb. 1 To remove louse from. 2 To apply insecticide or insect repellents to, in order to be sure that no lice or other parasites are present. 3 (context computing English) to remove malicious software, such as viruses, trojans, spyware, or worms, from.


v. free of lice; "They deloused the prisoners after they liberated the camps"

Usage examples of "delouse".

He is rubber-stamped on hands, forehead, and ass, deloused, poked, palpated, named, numbered, consigned, invoiced, misrouted, detained, ignored.

They deloused him and oiled him and gave him a bed in one of the many alcoves surrounding the main temple.

I sent the whole pack of new recruits to Tuchel to be deloused because as room orderly I.

The laundress did the delousing for the women and the second coachman for the men.