How to Search for Rhymes

You just need to enter the word you are looking for a rhyme in the field. In order to find a more original version you can resort to fuzzy search. Practically in no time you will be provided with a list of rhyming words according to your request. They will be presented in blocks depending on the number of letters.

Rhymes for word kisanji

-ji ...moji abaoji aguaji aji akinji al-hajji al-karaji alhaji ambaji ankoku-ji ankokuron-ji anraku-ji antai-ji ateji awaji baagandji babaji babuji bahji baiji baji balaji balkandji banna-ji bansho-ji baoji basaji basenji bebeji bemidji benji bhaji biji booji bostanji bukko-ji bunji bunji-bunji buranji butsuryu-ji buttsu-ji byakugo-ji byodo-ji caji changji chaturaji chauburji cherapunji cherrapunji chikurin-ji chogosonshi-ji choho-ji choji choju-ji choko-ji choraku-ji chorbaji chosho-ji chuburkhindji chugu-ji chuson-ji comitadji cunji daian-ji daifuku-ji daigo-ji daihoon-ji daiji daikaku-ji daikomyo-ji dainenbutsu-ji dainichi-ji dairyu-ji daisen-ji daishin-ji daitoku-ji daitokuji danishmendji danrin-ji daruma-ji dhemaji dhoraji dji dogaku-ji dojo-ji domyo-ji duleepsinhji duodji ebara-ji edomoji eifuku-ji eigen-ji eihei-ji eiho-ji eisho-ji ejji eklingji emoji engaku-ji engakuji engyo-ji enjo-ji enko-ji enmyo-ji enpuku-ji enryaku-ji ensho-ji eun-ji fauji fiji fji fudarakusan-ji fuji fuki-ji fukusai-ji funji futago-ji futai-ji gangaji gango-ji gangyo-ji genji ghatanji ghilji ginkaku-ji ginkakuji gogaji goji gokoku-ji gokokushi-ji gokuraku-ji gosho-ji gudhagorji guji gujji guruji gusainji gyaru-moji gyoji gyokusen-ji gyoran-ji hadji haji hajji han-ji heeji heirin-ji heirinji hejji henohenomoheji himeji hogon-ji hoji hojo-ji hokai-ji hokekyo-ji hokke-ji hokki-ji hoko-ji hokoku-ji hokyo-ji hongan-ji honmyo-ji honno-ji honzen-ji horaku-ji horin-ji horyu-ji hosshin-ji hossho-ji houn-ji howadji hozan-ji hozen-ji huji ibeji ichalkaranji ichigatsu-ji ichijo-ji idagunji ilanji indrajitsinhji irukandji ishite-ji isshin-ji japji ji jigen-ji jikji jindai-ji jingji jingo-ji jingu-ji jinji jinkaku-ji jinraku-ji jizo-ji jochi-ji jodo-ji jokan-ji joko-ji jokoku-ji jomyo-ji joruri-ji joryu-ji josho-ji joten-ji jozai-ji jufuku-ji jumanji juraku-ji kaijusen-ji kainji kaji kaju-ji kakuan-ji kakurin-ji kalkarindji kalonji kalyanji-anandji kambhoji kan'ei-ji kanji kanjizai-ji kanno-ji kanpuku-ji kanshin-ji kanzeon-ji karaji karanji kasamori-ji katsuo-ji kencho-ji kenji kennin-ji kermanji khafji khaleeji khetlaji khilji kichijoji kiji kijiji kiko-ji kimpusen-ji kinkaku-ji kipunji kirihata-ji kissho-ji kodai-ji kofuku-ji kofukuji kogaku-ji kogen-ji koji koken-ji kokubun-ji kokubunji kokuji kokutai-ji komitadji komitaji komyo-ji komyozen-ji kongobu-ji kongosho-ji konkaikomyo-ji konpuku-ji konsen-ji koradji koryu-ji kosan-ji kozan-ji kozo-ji kranji kumadani-ji kuon-ji kyoko-ji kyonin-ji laraaji m'tsangamouji maji mangetsu-ji manji manju-ji manman-ji manpuku-ji mataji mchinji meiji mie-ji milanji min-ji minamiawaji moji motoyama-ji motsu-ji muji muraji murarbaji muro-ji muyedobotongji myoan-ji myoho-ji myohon-ji myohosho-ji myokoku-ji myoryu-ji myoshin-ji myotsu-ji nanzen-ji negoro-ji neji netaji nihon-ji ninji ninna-ji nittai-ji nofuku-ji nurungji nyoirin-ji o-mikuji oji okoboji okubo-ji olatunji omikuji ominesan-ji onmyoji ono-ji oya-ji oyotunji pabuji panaji panji paranji peh-oe-ji pji podji punji raikyu-ji rajaji raji rakan-ji ramanji ranjitsinhji renge-ji renji rinno-ji rokuharamitsu-ji rokuonji rokusho-ji romaji romanji roshiaji ryakuji ryiji ryoan-ji ryoanji ryogen-ji ryosen-ji ryozen-ji ryufuku-ji ryuko-ji ryutaku-ji sabji sagami-ji sai-ji saidai-ji saiho-ji saikai-ji saimyo-ji saioku-ji saionji sairin-ji saisho-ji sambhaji samherji sanbeiji sanbutsu-ji sanji sannakji satranji savji seicho-ji seiganto-ji seihaku-ji seiryo-ji seiryu-ji sengaku-ji senju-ji senko-ji sennyu-ji senso-ji seson-ji shahaji shamlaji shamoji shatranji shiji shikharji shin-yakushi-ji shinji shinko-ji shinshogokuraku-ji shitenno-ji shivaji shoen-ji shofuku-ji shogen-ji shogyo-ji shoho-ji shoji shojo-ji shojoko-ji shokaku-ji shokoku-ji shoren-ji shoryaku-ji shrinathji sivaji sji sofuku-ji sogen-ji soji-ji soken-ji sonsho-ji sooji sorabji souji-mouji su-ji suji sventoji swamiji syoji tadji taihei-ji taiho-ji taiji taisan-ji taiseishogun-ji taiseki-ji taiyu-ji takauji takefuji takhtsinhji tanji tanjo-ji tategyoji tenji tenjo-ji tenryu-ji to-ji tocho-ji todai-ji tofuku-ji togan-ji toji tokai-ji tokaji tokei-ji tokuji tongji tosen-ji tosho-ji toshodai-ji tozen-ji tronji tsukiji ue-kedadji uji ujiji ulanji urotsukidoji vajji waraji wmji yachu-ji yakushi-ji yanji yasaka-ji yashima-ji ye-ji yeji zenko-ji zenpuku-ji zenrin-ji zentsu-ji zenyomitsu-ji zojo-ji zuigan-ji zuio-ji zuiryu-ji zuisen-ji