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n. A spicy Peruvian sauce, often containing tomatoes, cilantro, hot peppers, and onions.


Aji may refer to:

  • Ağrı Airport (IATA code AJI), near the city of Ağrı in the Ağrı Province, Turkey
  • Ají pepper
  • Ají (sauce) a condiment made with cilantro, green onions, and garlic
  • Aji Island in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
  • Aji (Ryūkyū), a historical title and rank in the Ryukyu Islands
  • Aji (town), in Tieling County, Liaoning, China
  • Aji, Kagawa, town in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
  • Al Jazeera English, an Arab television channel formerly called "Al-Jazeera International"
  • Aji (Go), a term used in Go
  • Aji Assamese Daily A news paper in Assam, India
  • American Jujitsu Institute, an American jujitsu organization founded by Henry Okazaki in 1939
  • Japanese horse mackerel
Ají (sauce)

Ají is a spicy sauce that often contains tomatoes, cilantro (coriander), ají pepper, onions, and water.

Aji (Ryūkyū)

thumb|Aji An aji, anji, or azu was a ruler of a petty kingdom in the history of the Ryukyu Islands. The word later became a title and rank of nobility in the Ryūkyū Kingdom. It is said to be related to the Japanese aruji ("master"), and the pronunciation varied throughout the islands. It ranked next below a prince among nobility. The sons of princes and the eldest sons of aji became aji. An aji established a noble family equivalent to a miyake of Japan.

The aji arose around the twelfth century as local leaders began to build gusuku (castles in the Ryūkyū style). Shō Hashi was an aji who later unified the Ryūkyūs as king. The title aji variously designated sons of the king and regional leaders. During the Second Shō Dynasty, when the aji settled near Shuri Castle, the word came to denote an aristocrat in the castle town.

A pattern for addressing a male aji began with the place he ruled and ended with the word aji, for example, "Nago Aji." For women, the suffix ganashi or kanashi (加那志) followed: "Nago Aji-ganashi."

Usage examples of "aji".

A courier had been dispatched from Hong Kong twelve hours ago with secret orders to murder Sultan Aji Abbas and his family.

She grinned suddenly, unable to resist aji opportunity to twit him, if only to distract herself from her misery.