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Baba Ghundi in the Chuparsan valley of Gojal is the shrine of the famous Pir of Ghund from Afghanistan who is celebrated in legend as the saint who brought devastation to the valley. The saint is not actually buried here. The former Mir of Hunza kept his herds of sheep and goats for grazing around here and used to visit the shrine every year. The people of Hunza Valley also revere the saint and it is said that children who are a problem for their parents have only to taste the mud from a stream near Baba Ghundi after which they become obedient and well behaved. Nazir Sabir the Everest and K2 famed Pakistani mountaineer who was born in Raminji (Khairabad) in the Chipursan valley and he began his election campaign from this shrine located in his birthplace -Chipursan Valley and was elected to the Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly. He remembers his parents had fed him quite a bit of mud from Baba Ghundi hence his successes in life in some ways!