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n. (context Georgian mythology English) an ugly anthropomorphic spirit


' Kaji' is a village in Khwahan Badakhshan Province in north-eastern Afghanistan. 300px|thumb|A beautiful view of khwahan county and its two villages kamar & kaji, and Panj river.

Kaji (Nepal)

Kaji is a respectful title and position used by Nepalese nobility. The title was non hereditary but mostly received by notable Khas clans of the Chhetri/( kshatriya) caste such as Thapa, Kunwar, Khadka, Pandey, Bista and Basnyat/ Basnet, as well as notable Newar clans of the Chatharīya ( Kshatriya) caste such as Rajbhandari, Pradhan, Onta, Malla, Amatya, Raya, etc. The members of "Kaji" family usually enjoyed high-ranking posts in civil administration or military.

  • Amar Singh Thapa, titled as Badakaji
  • Kaji Kalu Pande, first elected minister of Gorkha
  • Mul-Kaji Damodar Pande, Primeminister of Nepal
  • Dewan Kaji Bansa Raj Pande, General of Nepalese army
Kaji (surname)

Kaji is a Japanese surname. Notable persons with that name include:

  • Akira Kaji (born 1980), Japanese footballer
  • Maki Kaji (born 1951), Japanese businessman
  • Masaki Kaji (born 1988), Japanese actor and singer
  • Meiko Kaji (born 1947), Japanese actress and singer
  • Ryuichi Kaji (1896–1978), Japanese journalist and political critic
  • Shungo Kaji (born 1961), Japanese film director, screenwriter, producer and company executive
  • Wataru Kaji (1903–1982), Japanese writer
  • Yūki Kaji (born 1985), Japanese voice actor

Usage examples of "kaji".

Nabinger had excitement over the discovery of the chamber and particu- checked with several others in the field and Kaji had come larly of the sarcophagus found inside with its lid still intact highly recommended.

Americans and the British sealed off the Great PyraKaji paused and Nabinger blinked.

When I went down with Kaji looked at the center of the floor where the sarcoph- Martin all the walls were back up as you say.

It looked the old man too far, but Kaji held it by the blade, offering heavy, but he was a strong man.

Allied military activity had cen- Nabinger stopped scrolling the computer for a second tered around the building, as Kaji had said.

He slowly typed in the name Kaji had given him: the discovery of the lower chamber?