How to Search for Rhymes

You just need to enter the word you are looking for a rhyme in the field. In order to find a more original version you can resort to fuzzy search. Practically in no time you will be provided with a list of rhyming words according to your request. They will be presented in blocks depending on the number of letters.

Rhymes for word case

.se a-per-se abaise abaisse abase abbadisse abbodisse abbudisse abesse ablesse abrase abscise abscisse abuse abusse academese acaulose accerse aceose acerose acervose acetose achoose acinose acise aclose acorse acourse acrese acse acuminose acurse adenose adese adipocellulose adipose admenuse adresse adrowse adverse advertise after-course again-rise agarose agerse agesse aggerose agrese agrise aguise ahorse albuminose albumose aldolase aldose ale-house alemesse alese algose alikewise alise all-purpose almesse almisse almoise almose alms-house aloose alose alpenrose altarwise aluminose alwise amafrose amanse amanuense amenuse amese amorphose amperesse amuse amylase amyloglucosidase amylose amyse anchylose anclose andropause anentise anfractuose anglaise angle-wise anhelose anientise animadverse animose ankorasse ankylose annesse anniverse anoise anrednesse anyentise anyntise anywise apaise apause apayse apease apese apocalypse appase appease aprise apse aquapoise aquose araise araneose arase arch-house archdiocese areise arenose arese argillose arginase argumentose ariose arise arkose armentose aromatase arose arouse arraise arras-wise arreyse arse arteriose articulose arundinose aryse ascease ascuse ase asise askefise askewese askuse asnese asperse asse asyse atyse aumusse aurose auslese averse avise avulse avyse awise axesse axse bagasse baisse bakehouse balase balayeuse balesse balisse bar-goose base bat-horse bause bavaroise bawhorse bayse bean-goose because becense bechase beclose beclumpse becomse beerenauslese begasse beglose begrease behearse bemuse bendwise bepraise beprose berceuse bese besense beverse bias-wise bicallose bicause biliose biose biporose biramose birimose birise birse bise bispinose bituminose bleise blisse blockhouse blood-horse blue-nose bog-house bombase book-case book-wise bookcase bookwise bose bosse botlesse botrycymose botryose bottle-nose bouillabaisse bouleverse bourgeoise bow-case bow-wise boxercise bra-goose bracteose breastwise bridehouse bridge-house bruchelnesse bruesse bruise bruisse bruse bughouse bulbose bull-dose bullase bumdockdousse buse busse butteresse by-verse byasnesse bycause byrse byse bysse cablese caddesse cadesse cake-house calaboose camboose cap-case capillose catachese catalase cauph-house cayuse cearse cease ceekenesse ceese ceesse cense cerebrose cese cespitose cesse chease checkwise chlonaphthase chloralose chocolate-house choise chylariose chylose cicatricose cicatrise cicatrose cicumtrise cimise cipresse circle-wise cise cisternesse cithyse clackgoose claise cleanse clearing-house cleck-goose clock-house cloistrose club-house clumpse clumse cluse clyse co-cause coach-horse coagulase coal-house cob-house cocarboxylase cocasse coffee-house cognise coiffeuse cointense cointise coise cokir-nose cokysse colcase cole-goose colemouse com-case comato-crapulose comatose con-sense concause cook-house cook-wrasse coolisse cop-rose coperose coperosse cophouse copise cose cot-house cote-house cotise cottise coulisse coumpasse council-house coveitise covetise cow-house cowardise coyse cozymase crab-louse cream-cheese crease creavise cribrose criminose croise cruise crypse cuisse culpose cumse cumulose cuniculose curase curesse cusse custom-house cut-purse cutose cutpurse cweise cyanose cymaise cymobotryose cymose cyparesse cyse cystose cytase dactylose dairy-house daise damasse dambose damese damnose dancercise dandy-horse danse danseuse darse dase dasse database day-house dayse debase debiteuse decarboxylase deer-mouse deese deesse defase defease defectuose degise degrease deguise deguyse dehydrase dehydratase dehydrogenase deise delapse demerse deoxyribose descense dese desease deuse deuyse dewise dextrorse dextrose dey-house diabase dicese dicesse dicing-house die-wise difforse diffranchise diffuse dignesse duchesse dwelling-house dwresse dye-house enrichesse esse felo-de-se felos-de-se franchesse house i'se lachesse latchesse marchesse paese prossesse richchesse richesse rinse ryhchesse se si*se titmouse we'se ye'se you'se