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Usage examples of "alese".

After the endless hours of negotiation, her sentencing was dry and full of legalese.

Andrea Au, Hilda Koparanian, Isolde Sauer, Suzanne Anderson, Betty Harris, Alese Pickering, and Jennifer Weidman.

In hiking boots and parka from minutes before, when I squatted unthinking inside a snow-entrenched Nepalese outhouse, I walk cautiously across a ridge of little asteroid-like morsels of stone venting puffs of steam, and I gather myriad lichens.

The beauty of the Nepalese made their painful squalor all the more disturbing to me.

Wangdu had been spotted by helicopter as he and his men rode furiously on horseback toward the Nepalese border through inaccessible canyons.

Elsewhere in the monastery, the Lama listens intently to a soccer game being waged in Kathmandu between Gurkhas and a team of Soviets visiting the Nepalese capital.

And the average Nepalese income every year is less than sixty dollars.

Kaldup's own work in the forestry division of the Nepalese government is of great interest to me, particularly in view of the crisis he has -to cope with.

Most experts agree that it is actually the stretched skull of a Nepalese red fox and I believe that the Lama himself would concur, if it weren't so profitable to perpetuate the myth.