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''' Cesse ''' is a commune in the Meuse department in Lorraine in north-eastern France.

Usage examples of "cesse".

You look very much like Uncle Cesse, or will, when you grow older and less sober.

Uncle Cesse said something about his only son trying to disgrace him by going off to the Royal Navy?

It had always been so easy to talk to Uncle Cesse, confide all her girlish secrets in him.

Uncle Cesse were lovers for nearly four years, Bram, that they delighted in scandalizing Society with their very open association, their silly, romantic exploits.

Uncle Cesse was about to leave her, just as they all had left, all the uncles, all those times.

Uncle Cesse had really, really loved her mother, had been willing to stand up to the scandal of seeking out what would be a difficult, hard-won divorce from his marriage of social convenience in order to wed his one true love?

I remember the first time Cesse told me what a sad failure he had been as a father.

How easy it is to make others happy, and how rewarding for someone like me to see my dearest Cesse smile and say that, yes, yes, I can do this!

There is little but storms at sea to threaten Bramwell now, so that Cesse is content to wait, knowing his son is safe, will soon be home.

He was about to burst, Cesse was, telling me yet again how proud he is of his son, his brilliant, stubborn, wonderful son who would put himself into danger, make a hero of himself just to spite his papa.

And then, being Cesse, he reached for me, smiling so wonderfully, so silly in his pretending to be evil, and we began to kiss, and kiss.

But ther as ye han profred me this day To chese me a wyf, I yow relesse That choys, and prey yow of that profre cesse.