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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Asse \Asse\, n. (Zo["o]l.) A small foxlike animal ( Vulpes cama) of South Africa, valued for its fur.


Etymology 1 n. (obsolete spelling of ass English) Etymology 2

n. (context obsolete English) A small fox-like animal (''Vulpes chama'') of South Africa, valued for its fur.


Asse is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant. The municipality comprises the towns of Asse proper, Bekkerzeel, Kobbegem, Mollem, Relegem and Zellik. On January 1, 2006, Asse had a total population of 29,191. The total area is 49.64 km² which gives a population density of 588 inhabitants per km².

Asse (hills)

The Asse is a small hill range in the district of Wolfenbüttel in southeastern Lower Saxony with a median height of 200 metres ASL; the highest elevation is the Remlinger Herse with a height of 234 m. There are more than 600 different plants found here; the Asse is mostly covered by trees. It has been inhabited since the 6th millennium BC by farmers coming from the Danube region.

For several hundred years, salt has been mined in Asse. One of these mines, Schacht Asse II, is now used to store low- and medium-grade radioactive waste produced by medicine and nuclear power plants.

Administratively, the Asse is shared by the following villages:

  • Mönchevahlberg
  • Groß Vahlberg
  • Klein Vahlberg
  • Remlingen
  • Wittmar
  • Groß Denkte

The villages on the southern edge of the Asse belongs to Samtgemeinde Asse.

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Asse (Samtgemeinde)

Asse is a former Samtgemeinde ("collective municipality") in the district of Wolfenbüttel, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated approximately 10 km southeast of Wolfenbüttel. On 1 January 2015 it merged with the Samtgemeinde Schöppenstedt to form the new Samtgemeinde Elm-Asse.

It is named after the Asse, a small chain of hills in the municipality. Its seat was in the village Remlingen.

Asse (river)

The Asse (Assa in Occitan) is a long river in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence département, southeastern France. Its source is several small streams which converge at Tartonne, east of Digne-les-Bains. It flows generally southwest. It is a left tributary of the Durance into which it flows between Valensole and Oraison, northeast of Manosque.

The Asse is called "Asse de Clumanc" between its source and its confluence with the "Asse de Blieux" and the "Asse de Moriez" at Barrême.

Part of its valley is used by the route Napoléon.

Asse (disambiguation)

Asse or ASSE may refer to:

  • Asse, a town in Belgium
  • Asse (hills), a chain of hills in Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Asse (Samtgemeinde), a municipal federation in Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Asse (river), a river in southeastern France
  • AS Saint-Étienne, a French football club
  • Asse Chocolate, Japanese chocolate made by Morinaga & Company, named after the Belgian town
  • Asse, an alternate name for the Cape fox
  • Schacht Asse II, a repository for radioactive waste in Asse, Germany
  • American Society of Safety Engineers
  • ASSÉ, Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante, a student union in Quebec
  • Geneviève Asse (born 1923), French painter

Usage examples of "asse".

Springer, Castleton, Tippen from the SO-because they were out of their j urisdiction and wanted to cover their asses with the county people--Liska, and Kovac.

And hoping like hell the damn monks could keep their vow of goddamned silence and not laugh their asses off.

He had a fortune riding on it, and though he was certain it was spectacular, critics had their heads up their asses most of the time and rarely understood the entertainment potential of an action-spy thriller.

Immense asses strained neon pink and chartreuse capris to the awful bursting point.

When the Roadrunner gets a safe dropped on his head or Don Rickles cuts some heckler into little bitty pieces they laugh their asses off too.

And it shall be registred in the bookes of Doctours, that an Asse saved the life of a young maiden that was captive amongst Theeves : Thou shalt be numbred amongst the ancient miracles : wee beleeve that by like example of truth Phryxus saved himselfe from drowning upon the Ram, Arion escaped upon a Dolphin, and that Europa was delivered by the Bull.

When I perceived that no man had regard to mee, that was so tame and gentle an Asse, I stole out of the gate that was next me, and then I ran away with all force, and came to Cenchris, which is the most famous towne of all the Carthaginians, bordering upon the Seas called Ageum, and Saronicum, where is a great and mighty Haven, frequented with many a sundry Nation.

You know well what you have determined already of this dull Asse, that eateth more then he is worth, that faineth lamenesse, and that was the cause of the flying away of the Maid : my mind is that he shall be slaine to morrow, and when all the guts and entrailes of his body is taken out, let the Maide be sowne into his belly, then let us lay them upon a great stone against the broiling heate of the Sunne, so they shall both sustaine all the punishments which you have ordained : for first the Asse shall be slaine as you have determined, and she shall have her members torne and gnawn with wild beasts, when as she is bitten and rent with wormes, shee shall endure the paine of the fire, when as the broyling heat of the Sunne shall scortch and parch the belly of the Asse, shee shall abide the gallows when the Dogs and Vultures shall have the guts of her body hanging in their ravenous mouthes.

For when we had passed through many townes and villages, I fortuned to espy a pleasant garden, wherein beside many other flowers of delectable hiew, were new and fresh roses : and being very joyful, and desirous to catch some as I passed by, I drew neerer and neerer : and while my lips watered upon them, I thought of a better advice more profitable for me, lest if from an asse I should become a man, I might fall into the hands of the theeves, and either by suspition that I were some witch, or for feare that I should utter their theft, I should be slaine, wherefore I abstained for that time from eating of Roses, and enduring my present adversity, I did eat hay as other asses did.

Thy gentle Magitian hath not onely given thee the shape and travell of an Asse, but also a skinne so soft and tender as it were a swallow : why dost thou not take courage and runne away to save thy selfe?

Asse out into some secret place and kill him, which done, cut off one of his sides, and sawce it well like the side of the Bucke, and set it before your Master.

I command thee not to prophane or despise the sacrifice in any wise, for the great Priest shall carry this day following in procession by my exhortation, a Garland of Roses, next the timbrell of his right hand : follow thou my procession amongst the people, and when thou commest to the Priest make as though thou wouldest kisse his hand, but snatch at the Roses, whereby I will put away the skin and shape of an Asse, which kind of beast I have long time abhorred and despised, but above all things beware thou doubt not nor feare any of those things, as hard and difficill to bee brought to pAsse, for in the same houre that I am come to thee, I have commanded the Priest by a vision what he shall doe, and all the people by my commandement shall be compelled to give thee place and say nothing !

THE FOURTH BOOKE THE EIGHTEENTH CHAPTER How Apuleius thinking to eat Roses, was cruelly beaten by a Gardener, and chased by dogs When noone was come, that the broyling heate of the sunne had most power, we turned into a village to certaine of the theeves acquaintance and friends, for verily their meeting and embracing together did give me, poore asse, cause to deeme the same, and they tooke the trusse from my backe, and gave them part of the Treasure which was in it, and they seemed to whisper and tell them that it was stollen goods, and after that we were unladen of our burthens, they let us loose in a medow to pasture, but myne own horse and Miloes asse would not suffer me to feed there with them, but I must seeke my dinner in some other place.

A few dayes after, the boy invented another mischiefe: For when he had sold all the wood which I bare, to certaine men dwelling in a village by, he lead me homeward unladen : And then he cryed that he was not able to rule me, and that hee would not drive mee any longer to the hill for wood, saying : Doe you not see this slow and dulle Asse, who besides all the mischiefes that he hath wrought already, inventeth daily more and more.

For we see now a dayes many excellent Philosophers greatly desire to follow his sect, and by perpetual study to value and revolve his workes, but to the end I may not be reproved of indignation by any one that might say : What, shall we suffer an Asse to play the Philosopher?