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Rhymes for word anhydrous

-ous abdominous abiogenous ablastous ablatitious abnormous abnoxious absentaneous absonous abusious acalycinous acanthaceous acanthocephalous acanthocladous acanthophorous acanthopterous acanthopterygious acarophilous acarpellous acarpous acaulous acephalous acerous acetabuliferous acetarious acetosous acetous acheilous achilous achlamydeous achlorophyllous acholous achromatistous achromatous achromous acidiferous acidoleous acidulous acinaceous acinacifolious acinous acondylous acotyledonous acquisititious acrimonious acrious acrocarpous acrogenous acronyctous actinomorphous actinophorous actious aculeous acuminous adactylous addititious adelphous adenophorous adenophyllous adenous adiaphanous adiaphorous adiathermanous adipocerous adipous adipsous adjectitious adjutorious adoptious adscititious adscriptitious adulatorious adulterous aduncous advantageous advectitious adventious adventitious adventurous adversarious adynamous aeneous aereous aeriferous aerious aerohydrous aetheogamous affabrous affectatious affectious affectuous affictitious agalactous agamous agatiferous agilious aglyphous agnathous agomphious agonious agonous agricolous agynarious agynous aireous airiferous airous akeratophorous alacrious alacritous albiflorous albugineous albuginous albuminiferous albuminiparous albuminous alburnous algous aliferous aligerous alimentarious alimentous alimonious alismaceous alkaligenous alkalinous alkalious alkalous allagostemonous almous alphitomorphous alsinaceous alticomous altiloquious altisonous altitudinous alumiferous aluminiferous aluminous aluniferous alutaceous alviducous amadelphous amarantaceous amaranthaceous amarous amaryllidaceous amaryllideous ambaginous ambagious ambidextrous ambifarious ambigenous ambiguous ambiloquous ambiparous ambisextrous ambisinistrous ambitious amenous amentaceous amentiferous amerous ametabolous ametallous ametrous amicous ammonitiferous ammophilous amnigenous amomeous amomous amorevolous amorous amorphous amorphozoous ampelideous amphibious amphibolostylous amphibolous amphibryous amphicarpous amphicyrtous amphigamous amphigenous amphigonous amphipodous amurcous amyelous amygdalaceous amygdaliceous amygdaliferous amygdalineous amylaceous amyliferous amyous anacardiaceous anachronous anadromous ancipitous anconeous andro-dioecious androdynamous androgynous andromorphous andropetalous androphagous androtomous anelytrous anemious anemophilous anencephalous anenterous aneurysmous anfractuous anginous angiocarpous angiomonospermous angiospermatous angiospermous angiosporous angiostomous anhelous anhistous animous annelidous anniferous annoious annotinous anocarpous anodynous anomaliflorous anomalous anomourous anomphalous anonaceous anonymous anorectous anserous antecedaneous anxiferous anxious apetalous aphanipterous aphanozygous aphidious aphidiphagous aphidivorous aphonous aphthous aphyllous apiaceous apocarpous apocryphous apocynaceous apocyneous apodous apoious aproctous apterous apyrous aquae-oleous aqueous aquiferous aquiliferous araceous araliaceous araneous arbitrarious arboraceous arboreous arborous arduous ardurous arenaceous arenarious arenicolous arenous arenulous argenteous argentiferous argentous argillaceous argilliferous argillous argutious aristiferous armiferous armigerous armisonous aromatous arrenotokous arreptitious arrhizous arrhythmous arsenious arsenous arterious arteriovenous articulous arundiferous arundinaceous arundineous arundinous asbestous asciferous ascigerous ascititious ascriptitious asomatous asparaginous aspermous asperous assassinous asteraceous astomatous astomous asymmetranthous asymmetrocarpous asymmetrous athalamous atheous athermanous atheromatous atrabilarious atrabiliarious atrabilious atrabilous atramentaceous atramentarious atramentitious atramentous atrocious atrophous atropous atrous audacious audaculous augurous augustious aurantiaceous auricomous auriferous aurivorous aurous auspicious austerulous autapomorphous autexousious autocarpous avaricious avarous avenaceous avenous averous avicolous avidious avidous avidulous avitous awmous awous axiferous axotomous ayguous azureous azygous azymous babelicious bacciferous baccivorous baghous balaniferous barbarious barbarous barbatulous barbigerous battaillerous battailous belaborous beneficious beneurous bi-curious bibacious bibulous bicephalous bicipitous bicornous biduous bifarious biferous bifideous bifidous biflorous bifurcous bigamous bigenerous bijugous bilious bimanous binarious binominous binomious binotonous binous biparous bipedaneous bipetalous biphyllous biramous bisetous bisiliquous bituminiferous bituminous bivalvous biventrous bivious blubberous bodacious boisterous boistous bombaceous bombastious bombous bombycinous bombylious bonhomous boraginaceous boragineous boystous brachelytrous brachiferous brachigerous brachyurous briberous brumous brunneous bulbaceous bulbiferous bulbous bumptious burdenous burdnous butcherous butteraceous buxeous buxiferous byssaceous byssiferous byssogenous cacochylous cacochymious cacodorous cacophonous cacozealous cadaverous cadmiferous caduciferous caducous caffiaceous calamiferous calamitous calcareous calcariferous calcarious camelious cameranious canaliferous cancellous cancerideous cancerous cancrous capacious capillaceous carabideous caseous catadromous caulicolous cauliferous cauliflorous cavernicolous cavernous cavernulous cavillous cavous cedrelaceous ceduous celeberrimous cibarious cichoraceous cladanthous co-conscious cubiculous cyaneous cyanous cycadaceous cycadeous ous