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n. (plural of ou English)


OUS may refer to:

  • Oregon University System
  • Oxford Union Society
  • Ohio University Southern Campus
  • Open University of Sudan

Usage examples of "ous".

Their minds were not suited to the test they put themselves to, and after almost three ous of struggle, we of Gola were able to see victory ahead.

It flashed-Van ousen heard the dull pop-and the bullet rocked him, but he ad already launched himself forward.

Words ending in ous have the accents on the antepenult, as uxorious, voluptuous.

U S T T 0 D U S T 259 A P T E FAM OUS LAST WORDS: Itseemed like agood idea at the time.

So finally his mouth sealed over, and  the   whole  head   would  have   amputated  spontane ous -- (did you know there  is a  condition occurs  in parts of  Africa  and  only  among Negroes  where the  little toe amputates  spontaneously?

Morphology Most words of Arabic den vation are based on a triconsonantal root eg k t b which when combined with van ous patterns of vowels generates different but semantically related words and parts of speech Thus from the root k t b are derived fata* (book) fconfc (writer) katab (he wrote) yiktitb (he writes) etc While the most an cient form of Terran Arabic showed such morphological complexities as grammatical gender dual and plural numbers in addition to singular plurals formed by consonant and vowel mutation as wel!

A course of study was initiated and regular school hours kept, with Alan guiding Peter deftly into independent study of whatever the boy wanted to learn while filling in the more obvi ous lacks.