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Word usage examples

McAllister thought that minute quantities of LSD introduced into the experimental hives might cause the bees to run about aimlessly, forgetting to feed the queen or build comb for the young.

Wood believed the LSD would have to be microencapsulated in order to give the bees that swallowed it time enough to get back to the hive, but experiments subsequently-showed that the bees would return to the hive before the drug took effect.

The hallucinogen was similar in many respects to the commonly known Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or LSD.

LSD, as a relatively ephebic and clueless organic chemist, while futzing around with ergotic fungi on rye.

THC, morning-glory seeds, psilocybin, LSD, mescaline, peyote, methedrine, and Romilar, is that right?

LSD afterglow conferred, some milky corona, like almost a halo of approved grace, made all the milkier by the faultless nonchalance of a Moms who made it clear that his value was not contingent on winning first or even second prize, ever.

Students who once were angry activists were content to live back in their pads and smile at the world through a fog of marijuana smoke -- or, worse, to dress like clowns or American Indians and stay zonked for days at a time on LSD.

LSD, and rumors of kids so stoned their eyeballs got fried because they stared at the sun too long.

A girl he was trusting put LSD in his beer, then took him to a party where a gang of vicious freaks snapped his femurs with a meat-ax.

LSD and mescaline, psychodrama, group dynamics, sensory-awareness techniques, Quakerism, Gurdjieff exercises, relaxation therapies,the Alexander method, autogenic training, and self-hypnosis.