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TSD may refer to:

  • Tang Soo Do (tangsudo), a martial art
  • Target-to-skin distance, a measurement in external beam radiotherapy
  • Tay–Sachs disease, a genetic disorder, fatal in its most common variant
  • Technical Services Division, another term for the CIA's Technical Services Staff
  • Temperature-dependent sex determination
  • Texas School for the Deaf
  • Text, Speech and Dialogue, an international conference
  • Thermionic specific detector, another term for nitrogen–phosphorus detector
  • Time-speed-distance rally, another term for regularity rally in motorsport
  • Total sleep deprivation
  • Transylvanian Society of Dracula
  • Treasury Solicitor's Department
  • TSD (band), a 1990s girl band
  • Turtle saving device, another term for turtle excluder device
  • University of Wales Trinity Saint David, a university
TSD (band)

TSD are a pop group who had a UK #69 hit with Heart & Soul, which also peaked at #258 in Australia, and a UK #64 hit with Baby I Love You. One of its members, Claire Richards, became a member of Steps, whose debut single - 5, 6, 7, 8 - charted fifty places higher at #14 in the UK.

The name "TSD" means very little; it was formed by taking three random letters out of a Scrabble bag. However, Newsround presenter Chris Rogers suggested it should stand for "Three Sexy Dames".