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VSD may refer to:

  • Vaccine Safety Datalink, a Centers for Disease Control database containing vaccination and health records of over 7 million Americans
  • Variable speed drive, or adjustable-speed drive, is a specific type of a variable-frequency drive
  • Victory Star Destroyer, a fictional class of ship in the Star Wars universe
  • Video Single Disc, a video disc format based on laserdisc that only was popular in Japan and the rest of Asia
  • Virtually safe dose, a concept in regulatory toxicology, applied to carcinogens with no threshold of effects
  • Visible surface determination, also known as hidden surface determination
  • Voluntary Service Detachment, an Australian civil organization during World War II
  • .vsd, a file extension for Microsoft Visio diagrams
  • VSD (French magazine) (Vendredi Samedi Dimanche; i.e. "Friday Saturday Sunday"), a French weekly news magazine
VSD (French magazine)

VSD is a French weekly news, celebrity and leisure magazine, published on Thursdays in France. The name is formed from the first letters of the French names for Friday (Vendredi), Saturday (Samedi) and Sunday (Dimanche).