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The Collaborative International Dictionary

LSD \LSD\ n. lysergic acid diethylamide, a powerful hallucinogenic drug.

Syn: lysergic acid diethylamide, acid.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"lysergic acid diethylamide," 1950, from German "Lysergsäure-diäthylamid" (abbreviated LSD in a Swiss journal from 1947). See lysergic. L.s.d. as the abbreviation of "pounds, shillings, and pence" is recorded from 1853.

LSD (disambiguation)

LSD is lysergic acid diethylamide, a psychedelic drug.

LSD may also refer to:

LSD (video game)

LSD (also known as LSD: Dream Emulator) is a surrealistic exploration video game developed and published by Asmik Ace Entertainment for the Sony PlayStation on October 22, 1998. The game is based on a dream journal that Hiroko Nishikawa, an artist at Asmik Ace Entertainment, had been keeping for a decade. It is one of three products released in conjunction with the journal, with the other two being a music album, called LSD and Remixes and the journal itself, published as Lovely Sweet Dream. The game earned itself a cult following, due to the eccentric nature of the game and its content.

Although the game is considered a reference to the drug with the same denomination and its psychological effects, neither information is objectively stated anywhere in the game. Instead, different phrases are attributed to the acronym LSD, all following the standard "in L..., the S... Dream". Examples include "in Life, the Sensuous Dream" and "in Limbo, the Silent Dream".

LSD (ASAP Rocky song)

"LSD" (stylized "L$D"; abbreviation for Love, Sex, Dreams) is a song by American hip hop recording artist ASAP Rocky. It was released on May 21, 2015, as the third single from his second studio album, At. Long. Last. ASAP (2015). The song contains a sample from "Ode to Billie Joe" by Lou Donaldson for the song's drums.

Usage examples of "lsd".

McAllister thought that minute quantities of LSD introduced into the experimental hives might cause the bees to run about aimlessly, forgetting to feed the queen or build comb for the young.

Wood believed the LSD would have to be microencapsulated in order to give the bees that swallowed it time enough to get back to the hive, but experiments subsequently-showed that the bees would return to the hive before the drug took effect.

The hallucinogen was similar in many respects to the commonly known Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or LSD.

LSD, as a relatively ephebic and clueless organic chemist, while futzing around with ergotic fungi on rye.

THC, morning-glory seeds, psilocybin, LSD, mescaline, peyote, methedrine, and Romilar, is that right?

LSD afterglow conferred, some milky corona, like almost a halo of approved grace, made all the milkier by the faultless nonchalance of a Moms who made it clear that his value was not contingent on winning first or even second prize, ever.

Students who once were angry activists were content to live back in their pads and smile at the world through a fog of marijuana smoke -- or, worse, to dress like clowns or American Indians and stay zonked for days at a time on LSD.

LSD, and rumors of kids so stoned their eyeballs got fried because they stared at the sun too long.

A girl he was trusting put LSD in his beer, then took him to a party where a gang of vicious freaks snapped his femurs with a meat-ax.

LSD and mescaline, psychodrama, group dynamics, sensory-awareness techniques, Quakerism, Gurdjieff exercises, relaxation therapies,the Alexander method, autogenic training, and self-hypnosis.

Atoms, molecules, the stars, the unconscious mind, bizarre drugs and their effects, (he'd tried out LSD and mescaline), the play of consciousness, the insidious interweaving of reality and dream (as climatically in his dreams of the Black Gondola), the bafflingly twisted and folded strata of Earth's crust and man's cerebrum and all history, the subtle mysterious swings of world events and literature and sub-literature and politics—he was interested in all of them, and forever searching for some unifying purposeful power behind them, and sensitive to them to a preternatural degree.

The most striking thing about this UNreport was that it established that LSD children were always bornin tight time clusters.

As Reynolds (1994) summarizes the Grofian view: "The clinical data Grof has collected during therapy sessions of LSD and holotropic breathwork indicates a very fluid accessibility to all the domains of consciousness.

It wasn't the familiar howling of decapitated brujos that you hear on peyote comedowns, nor the choiring arguments of angels and devils that LSD can provoke.

By turning on to LSD, Methedrine or heroin, he performs an illegal act that has, at least, the virtue of consolidating his miseries.