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Fabulously early date of evolution, preceding even simplest Archaean protozoa hitherto known, baffles all conjecture as to origin.

In their guts they harbour colonies of microscopic, one-celled protozoa, which break down the cellulose for them and make it digestible.

The largest taxonomic divisions distinguish between plants and animals, or between those organisms with poorly developed nuclei in their cells (such as bacteria and blue-green algae) and those with very clearly demarcated and elaborately architectured nuclei (such as protozoa or people).

Maybe those ciliated protozoa that had a variant genetic code were descended from some cilia who had been in symbiosis with other cells in the past, developing genetic-code variations for the same safety-net reasons mitochondria had but, unlike the cilia we still retained, had subsequently broken off the symbiosis and returned to stand-alone life.

Into this category I would place many of the protozoa in our alimentary canals.

Because they are born without these protozoa in their intestines, they must acquire them by eating each other's faecal matter.

The Corviki resemble a marine animal in the class hydrozoa, sort of a large sac-like body with a complex collection of tendrils that may be nerve endings.

Headley, that the groundwork here, so far as we can observe it through the dense growth of hydrozoa and silicious sponges, is pumicestone and the black slag of basalt, pointing to ancient plutonic activities.

Even if the Hadendoa of Ethiopia say no goats no go, there are those who want and deserve a chance to live and breathe free on a new world.

He adored guacamole, chile relleno, barbacoa, menudo, albondigas soup and tequila with anything.