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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Averrhoa is a genus of trees in the Oxalidaceae family, of the Oxalidales order, named after Averroes - a 12th-century astronomer and philosopher from Al-Andalus.

Usage examples of "averrhoa".

The leaflets of Averrhoa made a countless number of little oscillations when the temperature was high and the sun shining.

On the other hand, the leaflets of Averrhoa and Oxalis, when similarly exposed, bend downwards.

Avena sativa, movements of oldish cotyledons, 499, 500 Averrhoa bilimbi, leaf asleep, 330 --, angular movements when going to sleep, 331335 --, leaflets exposed to bright sunshine, 447 Azalea Indica, circumnutation of stem, 208 B.