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Hadendoa is the name of a nomadic subdivision of the Beja people, known for their support of the Mahdiyyah rebellion during the 1880s to 1890s. The area historically inhabited by the Hadendoa is today parts of Sudan, Egypt and Eritrea.

According to Roper (1930), the name Haɖanɖiwa is made up of haɖa 'lion' and (n)ɖiwa 'clan'. Other variants are Haɖai ɖiwa, Hanɖiwa and Haɖaatʼar (children of lioness). The language of the Hadendoa is a dialect of Bedawi. Arabic is widely spoken as a second language. There are no current estimates as to the number of Hadendoa. SIL Ethnologue (2000) cited a 1992 estimate of 30,000 in Sudan, and a 1970 estimate of 20,000 in Eritrea, or roughly 50,000 out of a total number of 1.1 million Beja.

Usage examples of "hadendoa".

Even if the Hadendoa of Ethiopia say no goats no go, there are those who want and deserve a chance to live and breathe free on a new world.