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Domingoa is a genus of orchids, (family Orchidaceae), consisting of four currently recognised species at home in Mexico, Central America, Cuba, Hispaniola and Mona of the Greater Antilles. The genus was established in 1913 by Rudolf Schlechter. Its name refers to Santo Domingo, an older name for Hispaniola.

  • Domingoa gemma (Rchb.f.) Van den Berg & Soto Arenas
  • Domingoa haematochila (Rchb.f.) Carabia
  • Domingoa nodosa (Cogn.) Schltr. in I.Urban
  • Domingoa purpurea (Lindl.) Van den Berg & Soto Arenas - Veracruz
  • Domingoa × susiana Dod (D. haematochila X D. nodosa)