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n. 1 (context chiefly New Zealand obsolete English) The North Island of New Zealand. 2 (context chiefly New Zealand English) New Zealand.


Aotearoa , originally used in reference to the North Island of New Zealand, is now the most widely known and accepted Māori name for the entire country. It is often pronounced by English speakers, and is becoming widespread in the bilingual names of national organisations, such as the National Library of New Zealand / Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa. Since the 1990s it has been the custom to sing New Zealand's national anthem, " God Defend New Zealand", in both Māori and English, exposing the term Aotearoa to a wider audience.

Aotearoa (disambiguation)

Aotearoa is the Māori name for New Zealand.

Aotearoa may also refer to:

  • Aotearoa (canoe), one of the ocean-going, voyaging canoes in Māori tradition used in the migrations that settled New Zealand
  • Aotearoa (aircraft), the Ryan Monoplane in which John Moncrieff and George Hood perished during the first attempted trans-Tasman flight in 1928
  • Aotearoa (spider), a spider genus ( Mecysmaucheniidae) found only in New Zealand
  • Aotearoa (yacht), catamaran that competed in the 2013 America's Cup
Aotearoa (overture)

Aotearoa is an overture written for orchestra by New Zealand composer Douglas Lilburn in the year 1940. The overture is one of three early works by Lilburn which center on the theme of national identity; the other two are 1944's Landfall in Unknown Seas, for narrator and orchestra, and the tone poem A Song of Islands of 1946. The title of the overture ( Aotearoa) is taken from the Māori name for the islands.

Lilburn wrote the overture while he was still a student at London's Royal College of Music, and it was premiered in Great Britain, at His Majesty's Theatre in London. It was not performed in New Zealand until 1959, but it has since entered the standard orchestral repertory there.

Typical of Lilburn's early work, the overture features idiomatic writing for winds, especially flutes, and vigorous dynamic contrasts.

At least two recordings of Aotearoa have been made, one of which is Symphony of Sails performed by Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Miguel Harth-Bedoya in 2002. (Universal CD 99172)

Aotearoa (canoe)

In Māori tradition, Aotearoa (canoe) was one of the great ocean-going, voyaging canoes that was used in the migrations that settled New Zealand.

Aotearoa (song)

"Aotearoa" is a song by New Zealand recording artist Stan Walker featuring Ria Hall, Troy Kingi and Maisey Rika. It was released as a single through Sony Music Australia on 21 July 2014. "Aotearoa" peaked at number two on the New Zealand Singles Chart.

Aotearoa (yacht)

Aotearoa is an AC72 class catamaran of Emirates Team New Zealand that unsuccessfully challenged for the 2013 America's Cup. It was built for Emirates Team New Zealand for the 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup.

Usage examples of "aotearoa".

He had been planning to leave his patrol craft at the space port and use a smaller craft for the short journey to Aotearoa but now decided that he'd better go in the bigger craft so that he could escape the planet if he needed to one.

Sadly Yarad had been disinfected by Raele himself when he had destroyed the nest of subversives at Aotearoa on Inel's orders.

We have supplemented our traditional diet with many items produced here at Aotearoa," she said proudly.

As for trying to isolate Aotearoa by depriving them of synfood and other material, well, the Aotearoians were confident that they could now survive quite satisfactorily on what the organic plant produced.

None of the Aotearoians gave much thought to how barely suppressed fears of fending for themselves and the horror tales of those of their number that had survived from hand to mouth wandering in the wilderness until they stumbled on Aotearoa, spurred them into action.

It hadn't occurred to him that he could do anything, except maybe point them in the general direction of Aotearoa.

Raele asked, not thinking about the patrol craft that could easily transport this small group of Skidians to Aotearoa, a patrol craft that carried ample supplies of synfood.

There must be food aboard and clothes," Mitch added," and couldn't we transport these Skidians to Aotearoa?

They appeared much more dangerous than the misguided souls that had refused his assistance at the place called Aotearoa.

Raele hoped that Mitch knew what he was doing and how he would go about it, just as Raele hoped that Bruce back at Aotearoa knew what he was doing.

But Sue didn't really want to leave, apart from the Skidians she felt comfortable at Aotearoa.

The original mob wasn't moving toward the house any longer but toward the group of Skidians that comprised the original members of Aotearoa.

They still discussed what sort of system they would like and Mitch was doing his best as far as Bruce could see to lay out various options for them, but his own demands that they actually had to exchange their labour for the right to stay at Aotearoa and eat seemed to have dulled their enthusiasm.

The Skidians at Aotearoa had pretty well agreed in principle to his idea of instituting a community council that would debate and later present a format to the rest of the people on how they would govern themselves in the future.

Though he was eager to get back to Aotearoa now another day or two wouldn't hurt.