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Word usage examples

Then, this afternoon, he had blown a hose or something, he had taken the Wentworth exit in search of the Great American Service Station, and then whoa, dude there had come a big bang from under the hood and all the dials on the dashboard started showing bad news.

He had treated angelic-looking boys whoas their advanced state of social disease clearly provedhad been sowing their seed in any cavity that could be induced to hold still for twenty seconds.

Still, she's urrish, and there's a limit to how much of a humicker any urs can be, before planting four feet and saying whoa.

The place was noisy, tooa hubbub of screeches and bellows and clicks and yaps and howls.

Magi of Shadow's herefirst time for that one, tooa grand deception's at work, is my guess.

Then, faintly, Raibert heard it tooa deep, but blaring, bugle-like sound, seemingly coming from somewhere beyond the slightly higher ridge on the other side of the camp of nearly two thousand sleeping Lowlander Scots.

Stoic rationalism, in its logical development, is menaced wherever we meet the perception that the course of the world must in some way be helped, and wherever the contrast between reason and sensuousness, that the old Stoa had confused, is clearly felt to be an unendurable state of antagonism that man cannot remove by his own unaided efforts.

But philosophy, particularly in the Stoa, set out in search of this idea, and, after further developments, sought for one special religion with which it could agree or through which it could at least attain certainty.

However, these deviations of his from the doctrines of the Stoa are not merely prompted by Christianity, but rather have already become an essential component of his philosophical theory of the world.

But this applies only to the Middle Stoa of Panaitios which was bent on lessening the contrasts between the schools in favor of a middle way.