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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Proa \Pro"a\, n. [Malay pr[=a]?, pr[=a]h?.] (Naut.) A sailing canoe of the Ladrone Islands and Malay Archipelago, having its lee side flat and its weather side like that of an ordinary boat. The ends are alike. The canoe is long and narrow, and is kept from overturning by a cigar-shaped log attached to a frame extending several feet to windward. It has been called the flying proa, and is the swiftest sailing craft known.


n. (context nautical English) A sailing vessel found in the waters of Micronesia and Indonesia; it has a single, large outrigger and a triangular sail.


The ProA is the second highest level league of professional club basketball in Germany. The league comprises 16 teams. Officially the ProA is part of the 2. Basketball Bundesliga, which consists of the two hierarchical leagues ProA and ProB. Before the 2007/08 season, the 2. Basketball Bundesliga was a basketball league with the same name, which consisted of two geographical divisions. At the end of the league stage the top two teams qualify for the Basketball Bundesliga and the teams positioned 15th and 16th are relegated to the lower league ProB.

Proa (dinosaur)

Proa is an extinct genus of styracosternan iguanodont known from the Early Cretaceous Escucha Formation (lower Albian stage) of Teruel Province, Spain. It contains a single species, Proa valdearinnoensis.

Usage examples of "proa".

There is a large proa hidden in the river a few kilometers down the coast from the village.

The tide was on the ebb, and together with the current it made such a rip that the proa could not have come up the coast even with the most favourable breeze, so he had brought these two by the middle path.

The largest double-hulled proa Jack had ever seen was lying a few yards off the mouth of the slip, close enough at low tide for dense lines of men to wade out, carrying tools, cordage, sailcloth, metal-work, while on the shore still others were gathered, some round their dead friends, some round their dead enemies.

They ran faster than the English and on reaching the sea they leapt straight in and swam fast to the proa, as nimble as otters, perhaps a hundred men left.

This time Jack did not see the ball, but there was its white plume in the sea, just ahead of the proa, the line as true as the last.

Stephen, looking at the wicked proa tearing along in their wake, close-hauled to the south-west breeze, both its outriggers skimming white on the sea: wicked, in that it was certainly a pirate and much faster than the junk, but not very dangerous, in that it was small, containing no more than fifty men squeezed tight and possessing not a single gun.

Li Po had been telling out the coins with a morose deliberation ever since that well-known proa had been seen, picking the lightest and most dubious in his store, the transaction did not take long.

Barbed wire and obstructions at the mouth of the stream had been left in place until the proa was ready.

Close in the lee of the shore it caught little wind, but farther out it bellied to a strong breeze, and the proa gained speed.

A sudden gust of wind bellied the great sail, and the speed of the proa increased noticeably.

The proa was barely making headway now, as it rose and fell on long swells.

For a few moments the survivors of the proa looked on in stunned silence, which was broken by Rosetti.

You remember the boy Djuran we picked up adrift on that proa, half--starved.

We did not know that this Ras Mahad was one of the crew of the proa until after his disappearance.

We would tell this Hillsden what we wanted the man for, simply to find out where the proa was wrecked, but he is a bit of a rogue and would play us false, for he has got this story of the diamonds on the brain.