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n. a type of (l en cornbread) made in Portugal, Galicia and Brazil with (l en wheat), (l en rye) and (l en yeast)


Broa ( or ) is a type of cornbread traditionally made in Portugal and Galicia (and in Brazil, where it is traditionally seasoned with fennel). Unlike the cornbread typical of the southern United States, broa is made from a mixture of cornmeal and wheat or rye flour, and is leavened with yeast rather than baking powder or baking soda. The name Broa comes from the Gothic word 'brauth' that means bread. This yeast bread has the rustic flavor and texture that suitably accompanies soups, especially caldo verde, a Portuguese soup made with tender kale, potatoes, and chouriço sausages.

Broa de milho is a type from Portugal listed on the Ark of Taste.

Usage examples of "broa".

 On  the  floor,  in  a shaft  of  sunlight  from  the  broad  window,  a  man  lay  still,  with  an  arrow  through  his throat.

 From  the  corner  of his  eye  Cormac  had  seen  the  appearance  of  another  man,  at  the  top  of  the  steps  at the far end of the broad corridor.

 Its  point plunged, with a grating of its flat on the buckle  of  the  man’s  broad  belt,  into  Sigrel’s belly.

 These  she  fastened  in  turn  to  her  belt,  which  was  broad  as  her  waist and fastened with a buckle nigh as big as her hand.

 All  three of  them  retained  their  broad  long  cloaks,  into  which  Samaire  had  sewn  secret pouches.

 He’d  spent  very  little  time  atop  a  horse,  and much  preferred  the  unsteady  planking  of  a  ship  beneath  his  feet  than  hard  leather saddle  under  his  hams  and  a  horse’s  broad  frame  tugging  at  his  thighs.

 Up  the  center  of  the  broad  long  hall  he  strode,  and  with each  step  the  purple-worked  hem  of  his  voluminous  and  swirly  cloak  draped  over his rising heel.

 They  were  given  a  short  while  to munch grass  while  their  riders  wet  themselves  in  a  lazy,  rocky-bottomed  stream  that was  broad  but  far  from  deep.

 The  shade  grew  deeper  and  deeper,  for  the    broad    forest completely  obscured  the  lowering  disk  of  the  sun.

They were in Meath, and ahead lay the broad road to and past Tulla Mor to Tara.

Now there were many on  the  broad  road,  the  Slighe  Dala,  one  of  five  great highways  that  led  to  Tara  of  the  Kings.

 Round  about  pressed  close  the  thatched roofs  of  the  houses  of  the  common  folk,  which  crowded  too  the  plain  around  the foot of the broad high-land.

Spacious were her white-draped hips, bold  her  eyes, broad and full the bosom  that occupied every available inch  of  her  chest  and  was  so firm as to imitate helmets strapped to her.

 His shoulders  were  broader  than  they  had  been  and  his  voice lacked the youthful tremor that sometimes crept in when he was excited.

 From it,  they could  see  the  lights  of  the  city  bisected  by  the  broad  band  of  the  Tigris  River.