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h'lo h-ii h.d. h.e. h.k. h.q. h.r. h/hr h1n1 h2co h2o2 h2se h2te h5n1 ha&w haa5 haab haad haaf haag haak haal haam haan haar haas haat hab. haba habe habo habs habt habu haby hace hack haco hacs hada hade hadf hadh hadi hadj hadu haed haem haen haes haet hafb hafd hafe haff hafs haft hag- hag. haga hage hagg hagh hagi hagl hago hags haha hahn haho hahs haht hai! haid haie haif haig haik hail haim hain hair hais hait haiz haja haje haji hajj hajo haju haka hake haki hakk hako haku hal- hala hald hale half hali halk hall halm halo halp hals halt halu haly hama hamc hamd hame hami haml hamm hamo hamp hamr hams hamt han' hana hanc hand hane hang hani hank hann hano hans hant hanx haon haor hapa hape hapi hapm happ haps hapu haql hara harc hard hare harf harh hari hark harl harm harn haro harp harr hars hart haru harv hary harz hasa hasc hasd hase hash hasi hask hasp hass hast hat. hata hate hath hati hato hats hatt hatu hatz hau- haud haue hauf haug haul haum haun haus haut hauy hauz hava have havy hawa hawc hawe hawi hawk hawm hawn haws hawt haxe haxi haxo haya haye hayk hayl haym hayn hayq hayr hays hayt hayu haza haze hazy hbbs hbcd hbds hbes hbfc hbhs hbic hbio hbit hbms hboc hbos hbss hbtu hcap hcaw hcbc hcbs hcca hccb hccc hcch hccs hcdr hcfc hcgh hchs hcis hcjb hclm hcmc hcmm hcms hcng hcpc hcps hcrd hcrp hcsa hcsc hcso hcss hcst hctv hdaj hdax hdbk hdca hdci hdda hdfc hdgf hdhs hdif hdil hdiv hdkf hdlg hdmi hdmk hdml hdms hdos hdra hdri hdrm hdss hdvm hdwd hdwe he'd he'l he's head heaf heah heal heam hean heap hear heas heat heaw hebb hebe hebi hebo heby heca hech heck hecq hect hecw heda hedd hede hedg hedi hedp heds hedy hedz heeb heed heef heeg heek heel heem heep heer heet hefd hefe hefs heft hega hege hegg hegh hegi hehe hehn heho heia heic heid heie heif heih heik heil heim hein heir heis heit heka heke heku hela held hele helf heli helk hell helm helo help helt helu hely hem- hema heme hemp hems hemu hena hend hene heng henj henk henn heno hens hent henu heom heor heou heow hepa hepe hepi hepl hepp heps hepu hera herb herc herd here herg heri herk herl herm hern hero herp herr hers hert heru hery herz hesa hesc hesh hesp hess hest hesy heta hete heth hets hett hetu hetz heue heug heui heuk heun heve hevi hevn hevt hewe hewk hewn hews hewt hewy hex- hexa hexb hexe hexi hexq hext hey! heya heye heyf heyh heyl heym heyn heyr heys heyt heze hezi hfba hfce hfhs hfip hfmd hfrs hfsj hfss hftp hgfc hggc hghs hgps hgse hgst hgtc hgtv hgwy hhaa hhat hhcl hhex hhgg hhhh hhhs hhip hhla hhms hhof hhpa hhpc hhus hi-c hi-q hi-v hiaa hiab hiag hiam hian hiar hias hiba hibi hibt hibu hich hick hico hicp hics hida hide hidi hids hidy hied hiei hiem hien hier hies hiet hieu hiew hifa hiff hifh hifi hifk hifn hifo hifr hifv hifx higa hige high higl higt hihe hiho hiht hiie hiil hiis hiit hiiu hike hiki hiku hila hild hile hili hill hilo hils hilt hilu hily hima himd hime himp himu hina hind hine hing hink hinn hino hins hint hinx hinz hio3 hiob hioc hipc hipe hipo hipp hips hipt hira hird hire hirf hiri hirk hirm hirn hiro hirs hirt hiru hisb hisd hise hish hisn hiss hist hit! hita hite hiti hits hitt hitv hitz hive hiwi hiya hizz hjck hjem hkbu hkcc hkcl hkcs hkdf hkdl hkej hket hkex hkfa hkis hkmo hknd hkpo hkse hkst hlah hlai hlcm hlde hlds hlhs hlim hlin hlod hlss hlsw hltf hluk hlul hmae hmas hmav hmbs hmcs hmda hmds hmdt hmga hmgn hmgs hmhb hmhs hmic hmis hmkg hmlt hmmm hmms hmnj hmph hmps hmri hmsa hmsm hmta hmtd hmtv hmun hmwk hnat hncs hnhs hnny hno2 hntb hoac hoad hoag hoai hoam hoan hoap hoar hoas hoat hoax hoay hobe hobo hobs hoby hoca hoce hoch hock hocn hocr hocs hode hodh hodi hodk hodr hods hody hoed hoei hoek hoel hoen hoer hoes hoey hofe hoff hofs hofu hofx hoga hoge hogg hogh hogi hogl hogo hogs hogu hoha hohe hohl hohm hohn hoid hoie hoif hoik hoil hoip hoir hois hoit hoix hoja hoje hojo hoju hoka hoke hoki hoko hoks hoku hoky hol- hola holb holc hold hole holh holi holk holl holm holn holo holp hols holt holu holw holy holz hom- homa home homo homp homr homs homu homy hond hone hong honi honk hono hont honu hony honz hood hooe hoof hook hool hoom hoon hoop hooq hoor hoos hoot hoox hop! hopa hope hopf hopi hopo hopp hops hopt hopx hopy hora horc hord hore horg hori hork horl horn horo horr hors hort horw hory hosa hose hosh hosp hoss host hota hotb hotd hote hoth hoti hoto hotr hots hott hotu hotz houd houe houf houk houp hour hout houx hova hove hovi hovk how? howa howd howe howf howh howk howl howm howp

Word usage examples

Of bras they broghten bemes and of box, Of horn, of boon, in whiche they blewe and powped, And therwithal they skriked and they howped, It seemed as that hevene sholde falle!

With a redder, more abysmal gleam in his deep dark eyes he told of men and women flayed alive, mutilated and dismembered, of captives howling under tortures so ghastly that even the barbarous Cimmerian grunted.

There befell the battle of huan and Wolf-Sauron, and howls and baying echoed in the hills, and the watchers on the walls of Ered Wethrin across the valley heard it afar and were dismayed.

With a howl from the fan room aft, the huge displacement blower began blowing the ballast tanks dry.

Nyarlathotep, the mad faceless god, howls blindly in the darkness to the piping of two amorphous idiot flute--players.

Stray cannonballs, aimed too high, howled overhead, while others, aimed too low, skipped across the surface of the water and crashed into the friendly ships anchored alongside them.

She hardly moved a foot in either direction, and yet the wind, as evidenced by the anemometer was howling along at a hundred and twenty miles an hour!

Emily, and howled Palamon, And Theseus his sister took anon Swooning, and bare her from the corpse away.

The silence was scarcely disturbed by the howling of jaguars and the chattering of the monkeys, the latter appearing to particularly irritate Master Jup.

Blaster bolts flashed through every angle, their bursts an arrhythmic drumbeat under the howling chorus of the Korun shield-weapons.