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n. (abbreviation of Habakkuk English)

Usage examples of "hab.".

He did, after all, run the hab. But why did he have to bring a schnorrer like Mud along?

The fellow had been truly freaked-and-a-half long before the mod got to the hab. Had the gallopsing claustras, that fellow did.

To put it a bit more formally, every arriving cargo unit added a microscropic velocity vector to the hab. Plus, were lots of cargo craft arriving, all from about the same direction, which meant that there were a lot of microvectors coming in and adding up.

Some­where underneath the dark, Purple-built squatter’s boxes and pseudo-art and dayclubs was the straight-out, linear, geometric corri­dors and passages laid out by the original architect of the hab. Prob if they cleared away all the Purpbuilt add-ons it would take half as long to get anywhere, and there would be more room in the place to boot.

It was a bright, gleaming place, very much in contrast to most of the hab. Even the Purps knew to keep this sector nice and tidy and clean and linear, if they wanted to stay alive.

Wally had predicted that the Charos might try and manipulate the hab’s course, setting it into the ideal transit path for a SCORE with the mass of the hab—which was not the right path for the hab. Eyeball would have to compensate for the attempted corrections as well.

A new, deeper, shuddering vibration grabbed at the hab. Something wrenched at them, pulled at them, flared across them.

We start tomorrow, two duty shifts every day, each twelve hours, with one person, rotated daily, assigned to light duty around the greenhouse and Hab. That’ll give each of us a day off from hard labor one day in five.

There’s one mounted on top of each of the others, except for C Hab. There’s not much up there, so don’t bother to climb up, but it’ll hold up to ten people.

The craft moved gradually, a few feet at a time, until its bow was clear of the support beams, then it made a gradual turn to starboard until its stern was parallel to the main hab. One diver swam out of the way while the other positioned himself just ahead of the sub.