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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The theories and stories in this book should provide not only sustenance in material quests, but also a splash of fun.
▪ The buffalo was the Plains Indians' main source of sustenance.
▪ But the kitchen was empty save for Boris, and there were no signs of any sustenance at all.
▪ Each had an individual story that complemented the other, creating ecological beauty and providing spiritual as well as physical sustenance.
▪ Many cultures bias their legacies, parental care, sustenance, and favoritism toward sons at the expense of daughters.
▪ That remains devoted to status, sustenance of our image, and acceptance as the great reward for all our efforts!
▪ They have a well of real belief from which to draw sustenance when times are tough.
▪ We need sustenance and a viable habitat, but we also need social cohesion and connection of all sorts.
▪ What we lacked in physical sustenance, we made up for in spirit.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sustenance \Sus"te*nance\, n. [OF. sustenance, sostenance, soustenance: cf. L. sustenentia endurance. See Sustain.]

  1. The act of sustaining; support; maintenance; subsistence; as, the sustenance of the body; the sustenance of life.

  2. That which supports life; food; victuals; provisions; means of living; as, the city has ample sustenance. ``A man of little sustenance.''

    For lying is thy sustenance, thy food.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "means of living, subsistence, livelihood," from Old French sostenance "support, aid" (Modern French soutenance), from Late Latin sustinentia "endurance," from present participle stem of Latin sustinere (see sustain). Meaning "action of sustaining life by food" is from late 14c. Sense of "nourishment" is recorded from late 15c. Related: Sustenant.


n. Something that provides support or nourishment.

  1. n. a source of materials to nourish the body [syn: nutriment, nourishment, nutrition, aliment, alimentation, victuals]

  2. the financial means whereby one lives; "each child was expected to pay for their keep"; "he applied to the state for support"; "he could no longer earn his own livelihood" [syn: support, keep, livelihood, living, bread and butter]

  3. the act of sustaining life by food or providing a means of subsistence; "they were in want of sustenance"; "fishing was their main sustainment" [syn: sustentation, sustainment, maintenance, upkeep]


Sustenance can refer to any means of subsistence or livelihood.

Usage examples of "sustenance".

Radescu relived a dual memory, himself in a crib looking at his Uncle Grigor-and the infant Molt squirming against him for sustenance and affection.

As he turned for the door, he heard the man dragging the feedbuckets away from the mulies and their grunts as they fought for their sustenance.

A hemispherical Dome of permalloy, artificially heated and air-controlled but otherwise not at all equipped for the sustenance of life.

Gunnar said that bold plunderers such as we needed sustenance to keep our wits keen and strength ready.

She had sustenance and air recirculation, so the emergency power supply had survived when ship systems were cut, and she retained her store of chemical compounds and enzymes.

It was odd that an Evocator should take such delight in the things common men must do to win their daily sustenance, but Cassini strutted after a kill as if he were the most manly of hunters.

Although stress had undone inclination and appetite, Arithon wrapped himself in the damp folds of his cloak and pursued the chore of addressing survival and sustenance.

Nearly all of it has some animal attributes and nearly all of it is carnivorous, the smaller plants devouring insects, the larger, in turn, depending upon the larger animals for sustenance on up to the maneaters such as I had encountered and those which Han Du said caught and devoured even the hugest animals that exist upon this strange planet.

Looked at in this way, I could be taken for a very large, motile colony of respiring bacteria, operating a complex system of nuclei, microtubules, and neurons for the pleasure and sustenance of their families, and running, at the moment, a typewriter.

Long, multihued fronds hesitantly unfolded from their hiding places, began to strain the water for microscopic sustenance.

All day it points to the sunshine and all night to the stars, and thus passionless, and yet full of life, it endures through the centuries, come storm, come shine, drawing its sustenance from the cool bosom of its mother earth, and as the slow years roll by, learning the great mysteries of growth and of decay.

Come to me, great Lord Priapus, and give me favor, sustenance, elegance, beauty, and delight.

In exactly the same way, Shabbat is a day when sustenance for the spirit is available to us absolutely free, and with no strings attached.

You, observing the old Svanetian custom of providing sustenance for the departed in the afterlife, left out a tumbler of County Fair bourbon, and Og raged at his inability to consume physical spirits.

Kalahari Desert used tsama melons as the basis of their food sustenance, the !