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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ We decided to pay for Poppy's upkeep at the kennels, and visited her each week.
▪ If you have sufficient plots to sell, you can afford to pay for upkeep on the rest of the place.
▪ They were introduced in the seventeenth century as a method of paying for the upkeep of highways when other methods had failed.
▪ Truckers are taxed to pay for the upkeep of the roads and highways they use.
▪ Next to it, is a 4 acre cherry orchard endowed by the Maharajah to pay for the upkeep of the well.
▪ He sold a Holbein masterpiece earlier this year for £10million to pay for the upkeep of his estate.
▪ Farmers have the extra cost of paying for the upkeep of many drainage ditches to control flooding.
▪ The Council's contribution towards the upkeep of the church is very much appreciated.
▪ The trustees are responsible for the upkeep of the bridge.
▪ You get more for your money if you buy an old house, but upkeep costs will be higher
▪ An annual £25 million goes on the upkeep of palaces, with no checks.
▪ Floating homes take as much upkeep as houses on land, and then some, including checking for leaks.
▪ If you have sufficient plots to sell, you can afford to pay for upkeep on the rest of the place.
▪ It will pay for site preparation and upkeep of 4, 600 acres being turned over by the Army.
▪ Most Victorian churches had disappeared - upkeep could not be justified as they were quite unsuitable for individual meditation.
▪ Substantial payments were made out of the Forest revenues for these and other purposes relating to the maintenance and upkeep of the castle.
▪ The borough would take responsibility for upkeep and maintenance of the ladder.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Upkeep \Up"keep`\, n.

  1. The act of keeping up, or maintaining; maintenance of persons, organizations, or objects such as machinery, by providing a location, repairs, and consumable items when necessary. ``Horse artillery . . . expensive in the upkeep.''
    --Scribner's Mag.

    Small outlays for repairs or upkeep of buildings.
    --A. R. Colquhoun.

  2. the cost of providing upkeep[1].

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"maintenance; cost of maintenance," 1849, from up (adv.) + keep (v.).


n. maintenance; the act or effort of keeping something in good and working condition. vb. (context transitive British English) To maintain (something) or keep it in good repair.

  1. n. activity involved in maintaining something in good working order; "he wrote the manual on car care" [syn: care, maintenance]

  2. the act of sustaining life by food or providing a means of subsistence; "they were in want of sustenance"; "fishing was their main sustainment" [syn: sustenance, sustentation, sustainment, maintenance]


Upkeep may refer to

  • Maintenance, repair and operations
  • A bouncing bomb developed in World War II for Operation Chastise

Usage examples of "upkeep".

If Rek can pump the bellows, perhaps he can offer to pay part of his upkeep.

Himself, who had effected the transfer, had pronounced the roof upkeep and the heating bills too much for even the Kinloch coffers, and had negotiated a retreat to a smaller snugger home in what had once been the kitchen wing with living quarters for a retinue of dozens.

Though by tradition maintenance work was a static function, Vod was not unfamiliar with upkeep of the hab.

He had enough money to pay for his upkeep for far longer than his body and mind were likely to hold out, and his doctors had advised him that a third core-system rejuvenation was out of the question unless he wanted to start over with a tabula rasa personality.

Although she was the one who disbursed monies to pay for the upkeep of Appleton Manor, Susanna had never met John Bexwith.

He had told her that he had inherited the house in Groningen, and doctors, she knew, did get discount on things, but there were still the servants and the upkeep of the big house.

They no longer wanted the bother of raising the girls in their own households, so they simply handed them over to the Temple of the Goddess, paying well for their upkeep.

Caretakers performed regular maintenance and upkeep to keep the tombs in top condition.

Independent of all the modern leagues and alliances, all of whom nonetheless contributed on an annual basis to its upkeep and maintenance.

The castle was large, but most of the back rooms had been shut off and abandoned, their upkeep difficult to maintain because the only person who dwelt here was the earl and the cadavers of old servants.

As the White Castle chain continued to grow, Lloyd Ray's construction department became an increasingly busy and steadily growing division of the company, responsible for ongoing research and development, on-site construction of the Castles, and regular upkeep and renovations.

Priesthoods and confraternities for the upkeep of shrines have been hereditary for generations out of mind on the other side of the ocean but there was no such tradition here.

I went in about twice a month, adding depilation to an ever-growing list of upkeep requirements.

Beth lived with the Frenches without working or contributing to her upkeep until she was offered a ride back to Los Angeles by a pipe-clamp salesman named Robert Manley, nicknamed Red.

Some of the hats worn during the Gilded Age, when egret feathers were popular, might be worth collecting, but I doubt if restoration, storage, and upkeep costs would make it worthwhile to collect even those.