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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As a change and to provide more nourishment, try pouring yogurt over them and topping them with fresh fruit.
▪ If necessary a small amount of liquid fertiliser should be used to provide nourishment.
▪ A growing child needs proper nourishment.
▪ Calves rely on their mother's milk to provide nourishment.
▪ The foetus gets nourishment via the mother's blood supply.
▪ The program provides basic nourishment to low-income families.
▪ The retreat gives me a kind of spiritual nourishment.
▪ But the improver is into intellectual nourishment on a lavish scale.
▪ During pregnancy her unborn child strips her of nourishment for its own metabolic needs, so she becomes still weaker.
▪ Our tuberculosis patients needed nourishment far more than we did.
▪ The nourishment flows in both directions.
▪ The best nourishment for your writing is the following blend.
▪ They welcome me warmly, and I feast on the nourishment for which I was born and which is mine par excellence.
▪ Though by that time, he was not usually thinking of nourishment but the simple satisfaction of hunger.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nourishment \Nour"ish*ment\, n. [Cf. OF. norrissement.]

  1. The act of nourishing, or the state of being nourished; nutrition.

  2. That which serves to nourish; nutriment; food.

    Learn to seek the nourishment of their souls.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "food, sustenance," from Old French norissement "food, nourishment," from norrir (see nourish). From c.1300 as "fostering."


n. 1 the act of nourishing or the state of being nourished 2 something that nourishes; food

  1. n. a source of materials to nourish the body [syn: nutriment, nutrition, sustenance, aliment, alimentation, victuals]

  2. the act of nourishing; "her nourishment of the orphans saved many lives"


Usage examples of "nourishment".

Food, as administered in the form of artificially digested and concentrated nourishment, is readily retained.

This marvellous prerogative the Osmia shares with a host of apiaries, in which the unequal development of the males and females requires an unequal provision of space and of nourishment for the future larvae.

Research has proved that the diet of the masses--mainly polished rice--is entirely inadequate to human needs, and that beriberi, a fatal sickness due to insufficient nourishment, is steadily increasing in the Islands.

It was after ten before he persuaded the others to arrange themselves around the dining-room table, and I helped by pouring the wine, the only nourishment that seemed to interest anyone, anyway: Clift dropped a cigarette into his untouched bowl of Senegalese SOUP, and stared inertly into space, as if he were enacting a shell-shocked soldier.

Sixty-five livres a month was more than I wanted, since I could not eat more than I did: the great heat and the want of proper nourishment had weakened me.

The perspiration and the lack of nourishment made me so weak that I could neither walk nor read.

Great Abyss, to be distributed impartially amongst the Dholes, Gugs, ghasts and other dwellers in darkness whose modes of nourishment are not painless to their chosen victims.

They were a race that had been drugged by evil, a tribe that got its only nourishment from envenomed fruit.

He was delighted with my warm eulogium of his library at Wolfenbuttel, and laughed with all his heart when I said that unless it had been for the intellectual nourishment I enjoyed, the bad fare at the inn would certainly have reduced me to half my present size.

The value of the moral powers, and their frequently incredible influence, are best exemplified by history, and this is the most generous and the purest nourishment which the mind of the General can extract from it.

It is supposed that fecundation is chiefly necessary to give to the gemmules the requisite amount of nourishment to insure development.

As soon as I went off to sleep I experienced the disease which Sister Mary of Agrada had communicated to my mind weakened by melancholy, want of proper nourishment and exercise, bad air, and the horrible uncertainty of my fate.

I was right, for I required an immense quantity of nourishment to recover my former state, and I soon felt in a condition to renew my sacrifices to the deity for whom I had suffered so much.

When we had traversed half the distance the baby demanded nourishment, and the charming mother hastened to uncover a sphere over which my eyes roved with delight, not at all to her displeasure.

As I said, I had ingested an ample quantity of blood earlier, and I assumed that there would be no further need for me to take further nourishment that night.